Archangel Names, Their Meaning and Ranks in the Bible

Archangel Names, Their Meaning and Ranks in the Bible

The names highlighted in this article are of major archangels who top the angels rank hierarchy. They are God’s creations meant to fulfill different purposes in the New and Old Testament scriptures.

Archangel Names as In the Bible

We are all familiar with the word angel. Even so, the origin of the name is quite meaningful as it comes from the word giant in Hebrew which the term typically lies on. The book of Enoch features an interesting story that explains how rebel angels came to earth connected with human beings and even procreated. Jude, in the new testament talks about this type of angels.

It’s written that the angels who did not maintain their estate and left their habitation will be judged harshly on the final day. The mating between the angels and humans resulted to disastrous creatures. Those holding higher ranks in the divine realm considered these procreations abominations. Both the procreators and hybrid creatures are referred to as fallen which denotes falling from Grace although it loosely translates to descending from heaven.

The bible clearly distinguishes the bad and good angels in the heavenly realm. It’s typically a good angel and an evil one although there’s no specific conflict or even fight between the two. The actual antagonism is executed here on earth with God’s kingdom and the evil one competing to have control over humanity and the entire universe. However, God’s kingdom reigns supreme making the other one inferior.

The bible only recognizes archangel Michael of all the other archangels. However, there’s a mention of archangel Gabriel as well but he’s not labelled as an archangel in the bible. We encounter archangel Michael several times in religious texts appearing twice in the Old testament the book of Daniel.

Archangel Gabriel used to convey a message to the prophet anytime there was a fight between the prince of Persia and St. Michael the archangel. He then appears for the second time in Daniel Chapter 12 as it says archangel Michael protected Israel against any spiritual attacks. In the book of Jude, he fights and rebukes the devil when he tempts him to blaspheme as they were arguing about Moses’ body.

1. Archangel Michael

St. Michael the archangel is quite popular and known to be a celebrity in the divine realm. He also tops the angelic hierarchy and is a very powerful archangel. His name loosely translates to “who is like God?”. The angel is an intellect warrior and is known to carry an armor, shield, and a big sword and lead God’s army in fighting against evil demons.

2. Archangel Raphael

Raphael typically means the divine healer. Archangel Raphael is the friendliest of all the heavenly archangels as shown in the Old testament. He encouraged Tobias and Tobit to keep praising God. He is known to heal the sick spiritually and physically.

3. Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel means God’s strength. He’s among the messengers of God and was tasked one of the most significant roles in history. Archangel Gabriel announced to the Blessed Virgin Mary that she would conceive through the power of the holy spirit and be the mother of Jesus, the son of God.

Other Names of Archangels

There’s a mention of several other archangel names in ancient texts but the holy bible only talks of two as mentioned above. Here are some of the;

4. Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron was first human before ascending to heaven to join others in the divine realm as an angel. He is the most interesting and inspiring of all the archangels in heaven. Archangel Sandalphon’s male energy is quite strong and is known to be a powerful exposure of the holy geometry since he first human too.

5. Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel is a female archangel and is related to positivity and beauty.

6. Archangel Uriel

Uriel was tasked to guard the Garden of God and also slew the arm of Assyrian. He’s also known to inspire people and lead them towards the right path of life.

7. Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael is known as the angel of death although there isn’t a lot of information on him. He was behind one of the plagues in Egypt. Archangel Azrael is confused with Raziel most of time who is described as God’s secret keeper.

8. Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is a stranger according to most official scriptures. He is however described as the angel of stability, wisdom, and peace. His main role is fixing relationships since he is the archangel of cupid and specializes in helping people find their soulmates.

9. Archangel Jeremiel

In the angelic realm, Jeremiel is the ceremonial translator of heaven’s wisdom and the high light. Archangel Jeremiel usually communicates through vision and dreams and also helps people develop clairvoyance.

There is an honorable mention of other different archangels that hold lower positions but are equally powerful like Archangel Barachiel, Raguel, Zadkiel, and Muriel.

Archangel Names and How Loyal They Are to God

Let’s look at some of the darkest names of archangels in ancient Greek texts. It is commonly reported that Lucifer, the leader of all fallen angels loved God the most. When angels were being created, they were given free will just like human beings but with benefits few restrictions.

However, after creating human beings, God considered them slightly superior than the angels.  They were said to be simple supernatural helpers in the spiritual world and ordered angels kneel before this new creation. Lucifer, the most powerful archangel at that time blatantly refused since he held a higher rank yet serving a human being was degradant according to him. He only bowed before God and nobody else. However, that was considered as insubordination by his counterparts and this led to his expulsion from heaven.

Some people still believe that Satan along with his followers are not to be referred to as demons because they only said no to serving humanity. They argue that Lucifer neither disobeyed God nor rebelled against him and believed that all creatures in the entire universe should only bow before God.

The Hierarchy of Archangel Names

Archangel names can fall in more than one category in the divine realm which therefore means a cherubim can also be an archangel and also the other way round. However, there’s very little information revealed to human beings about the topic. But we are conversant with the angelic hierarchy and that is enough to come up with a list on different spheres and ranks of heaven’s divine elite.

1. Sphere One

The first sphere is typically the top ring and those who fall here are God’s closest entities and receive tasks and orders directly from Him as the highest authority. In this sphere, angels can propose some divine actions, for instance, when archangel Uriel asked the Almighty to get rid of any human-angel mutation by flooding the earth.

  • Thrones
  • Cherubim
  • Seraphim

2. Sphere Two

The angels in this sphere usually manage all the spiritual plane tasks and have barely have any contact with the physical world and people. They primarily serve God, the archangels, and angels although there isn’t much information concerning them. Besides, very few archangel names feature in this category. Below are the ranks in this ring:

  • Powers
  • Virtues
  • Dominions

3. Sphere Three

This sphere carries those that perform different actions and tasks in the universe and on earth (physical plane). The divine entities in the third sphere have a close connection with humans. The archangels in the first ring usually visit the earth to deliver blessings and communicate with people which is why they fall in both categories. They can take on different tasks here on earth and in the universe and also receive orders from God directly.

  • Angels
  • Principalities
  • Archangels

The archangels usually have a bigger authority as they command both principalities and angels. Principalities on the other hand oversee the actions of different angels also referred to as the guardian angels. Angels have a stronger connection with human beings in both the physical and spiritual planes yet in the divine realm, they hold the lowest rank.

You can see how orderly the spiritual realm is and can also be more complex beyond our imagination. There’s a maximum authority and names of archangels that carry out different tasks and serve God. They also help and serve us.

These archangels usually communicate with humans, present our requests to God, and deliver messages and blessings from Him. You only need to raise your level of spirituality and have a strong connection with them. This will help you have a clear picture of the messages being communicated and receive the blessings directly from archangels and guardian angels.

Getting to know about different archangel names is a great step towards heightening your spiritual growth level and knowledge. There are several other archangels not been mentioned in this article that you can connect with on different spiritual frequencies through prayer and meditation. However, you need a lot of discipline and patience since it can be quite hard in the beginning. Plus, you need to be persistent.

Sometimes we tend to forget about our spirituality and lose ourselves in our life problems but the merciful archangels still send us a signal trying to communicate. They are full of mercy and always try to find different ways of getting to us even when we forget about them or are lost completely. Discovering things in the spiritual realm is quite exciting.

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