Qualities of Archangel Sealtiel

Our robotic and mundane lifestyles draw us further off from spirituality daily in this mechanical world we live in. An angel session and St. Sealtiel are precisely what you need if you are willing to take your spirituality to the next level and keep your consciousness in check.

We usually send our prayers to the angels in heaven since we can’t get through to the Almighty Father directly. Angels then take our intercessions to God’s consecrated altar and link us with the spiritual realm.

About Sealtiel

Saint Sealtiel is known as archangel Selaphiel in most ancient writings. His name typically means prayer to God and is therefore referred to as the angel of prayer. Sealtiel is in also the middleman of any communication with divine realms.

Archangel Sealtiel presents all prayers to God’s divine altar just like Archangel Sandalphon.  He also inspires us since he’s the overseer of prayers. For effective connection with the spiritual realm, he usually puts proper words in your mouth so that your voice can be heard on the altar.

Sealtiel Pronunciation

The pronunciation of Sealtiel can vary slightly depending on cultural and linguistic influences. In English, it is commonly pronounced as “See-ahl-tee-el” or “Say-el-tee-el.” However, in other languages or spiritual traditions, you might hear variations such as “Seal-tee-el” or “Sail-tee-el.” The key is to pronounce each syllable clearly and with reverence, honoring the angel’s name and presence.

Archangel Sealtiel Symbol

While archangels are often depicted with various symbols and attributes, Sealtiel’s symbol is typically associated with prayer and guidance. One common representation is that of Sealtiel holding a censer or thurible, which symbolizes the offering of prayers to the divine. The censer emits fragrant smoke, symbolizing the ascent of prayers to the heavens. Additionally, Sealtiel is sometimes depicted with outstretched wings, representing protection and assistance in times of need. Some interpretations also include images of Sealtiel standing atop a cloud or mountain, symbolizing his close connection to the celestial realms and his role as a mediator between heaven and earth.

Archangel Sealtiel Meaning

The name Sealtiel carries profound significance in the realm of angelic lore. In Hebrew, “Sealtiel” is often translated as “Intercessor of God” or “Prayer of God,” reflecting his role as an angelic intermediary between humanity and the divine. Sealtiel is believed to be a powerful advocate for those who seek spiritual guidance, protection, and assistance in their prayers. As the angel of prayer and worship, Sealtiel encourages individuals to deepen their connection with the divine through heartfelt supplication and devotion. His presence is often invoked during times of spiritual contemplation, seeking solace, or when one is in need of divine intervention. Sealtiel’s energy is said to bring comfort, clarity, and a sense of inner peace to those who call upon him with sincerity and faith.

St. Sealtiel Roles in Ancient Texts

St. Sealtiel participated in a few holy events, although it’s not spoken of in the book of God explicitly. For example, in the book of Apoc. He brings incest to individuals praying to the Throne of God, the divine altar. This is the reason he holds incense in the ancient text pictures.

The most significant duty of Archangel Sealtiel is connecting our prayers to the divine realm. The bible highlights it too. In the book of Revelations, Sealtiel is the divine being that presents all the requisitions of those crying out to the Almighty on Earth.

St. Sealtiel is also mentioned in the ancient apocryphal Jewish text, in the conflict between Adam and Eve. The book explicitly describes how Archangel Suriyel, together with Sealtiel, rescued Adam and Eve from Satan’s lies under God’s orders. The ancient text explicitly mentions the archangels that guided them from the tall mountain tops and led them to the treasures cave. In the book, St. Sealtiel is referred to as Selaphiel.

Qualities of Sealtiel

Let’s now look at his qualities that you are conversant with who St. Sealtiel is. Here are some of the qualities that will raise your consciousness to greater heights and impact your spiritual life:

Sealtiel Usually Helps Interpret Dreams

Interpretation of dreams is among the fascinating humanity mysteries. Most people don’t quite understand any message from the divine realm, and sometimes it’s baffling. Many people try to find out the interpretation of their dreams without success which makes them confusing. Those who get the message and also interpret understand the purpose of God for the coming times.

Saint Sealtiel also facilitates the communication and connection between the high divine and physical realms. The angel can guide you in translating the obscure messages that tend to reach the unconscious mind since dreams are signs of communication in the angelic realm. Besides, Archangel Haniel typically sends messages through dreams. You can unlock many blessings if you understand your visions and heighten your consciousness and divine vibration frequencies.

Archangel Sealtiel Helps You Overcome Any Addictions

Sometimes dependency tends to affect your life, but you can’t seem to stop. It’s the most annoying feeling you can have, and the journey of replacing or stopping an addiction can be traumatic. It can be as a result of physical self and anatomy being totally dependent on unimportant pleasures that destroy us in the long run.

Humans are usually beings of addictions and habits, yet some are dangerous to our well-being in the spiritual and physical sense. When we can’t overcome the toxicity all alone, we seek divine intervention in order to change the bad demeanors.  Archangel Sealtiel helps remove any vulnerability in our lives. A connection with him gives you extra help and the power to drive out malefic cravings. Through prayer and meditation, call St. Sealtiel to put an end to that slavery.

Archangel Sealtiel Protects Children

Children are God’s favorite, as the bible says. This is because a baby has an innocent and artless heart, and this reflects on the pureness of the Almighty. It’s precise since their innocence and purity can be polluted effortlessly. Children can be influenced easily and learn quickly; hence, they can pick bad habits and lose their purity.

It would help if you had divine aid to supervise your children at all times and protect them from the frowns of evil, they encounter in their day to day lives. In this case, turn all your requisitions to Archangel Sealtiel. He is known to safeguard children for eternity and has a special affection for their pure souls. Connecting with St. Sealtiel will help your children grow up untouched by bad influence and remain pure in heart.

St. Sealtiel Guides Exorcism

Exorcism is typically a practice in the Christian religion of driving out sinful spiritual beings and demons from the human body. Evil spirits possess the person being exorcised, and the devil is compelling them to sin. Sometimes it can be a house, building, or an area and not just a person.

Archangel Sealtiel, together with other angels, guides through the spiritual exorcism process. St. Sealtiel usually helps the conjurer to remove the individuals suffering from the agony of evil spirits possessing them.  Pray to St. Sealtiel for anyone possessed with evil powers and wants to be delivered.

The archangel is the dominant power of the exorcism procedure and effectively liberates a person or place from any sinful control of evil entities and souls. A priest or professional exorcist must take blessings from St. Sealtiel before performing the exercise for success, liberty, and soul safety.

Archangel Sealtiel is the Director of the Celestial Choir

Music is heavenly. However, we all wonder how the heavenly music sounds. It’s usually quite blissful getting lost in powerful music that tends to uplift our souls and minds transcending us to a more pleasant and beautiful world. Invoke Archangel Sealtiel’s presence if you love music and look to have a classic experience more incredible than you have in life.

Archangel Sealtiel directs the celestial choir in the spiritual realm and is known to be the ruler of heavenly music. Therefore, it signifies that the angel has vast knowledge in matters of music and can offer guidance. Therefore, pray to St. Sealtiel, the heavenly music ruler, for inspiration whether you enjoy music or are just a disciple.

Connecting with Archangel Sealtiel

Since St. Sealtiel has diverse qualities, he can guide and help us in our walks of life. You can connect and communicate with him through prayer and intercession. Recite the following prayer:

“Archangel Selaphiel, you are holy and pure. I humbly beg you to guide me in my quest of becoming a dedicated minister at the feet of Jesus. Together with all the angels in heaven, present my request to the Almighty Father. God has ordained me to gift his dear children heavenly mysteries. Lead me to attain the eminence to be a morally upright priest after God’s own heart. Intercede for me to relay His Grace through the gift of my voice. Help me maintain a spiritual and faithful life. Amen.”


All archangels are powerful beings in the spiritual world who can lighten our souls and consciousness and lead us to the sacred realm. They encourage us to be great people and get rid of addictions weighing us down. They equally protect our little ones from bad influences and us from evil spirits.

St. Sealtiel additionally guides us to unlock our blessings by helping us interpret and understand our dreams. Tap into the powers of archangel Sealtiel if you are seeking motivation or want to connect with him. The angel sessions will help you start prayer and devotion, raising your spirituality and improving your life quality.

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