Who is Archangel Metatron?

Who is Archangel Metatron?

Archangel Metatron is also known as angel Metraton. Some of us are only familiar with major archangels such as Archangel Uriel and Michael. Divine healers usually have similar powers and more, as in the way things are with Archangel Metatron. He was a human being first, prophet Enoch before becoming an angel, which means he has a better understanding of our lives.

After ascending to heaven, the archangel became a sacred entity just like prophet Elijah, now known as Archangel Sandalphon. Since he was the first human, he understands and easily connects with those on earth as he’s also conversant with our day-to-day common issues and problems. He has unique qualities of relating to those that want a special connection with him. All archangels usually have specific roles in the universe.

Archangel Metatron Heals

Both God and creation put human beings to test as a way of making us. The adversities can be in the form of financial strain or health-wise. You can connect with Archangel Barachiel if you are straining financially, as he can help with any economic crisis. Beyond all that, lives can be in perennial danger, and we can’t let problems win over our souls. St. Metatron will come to our rescue since he’s a great healer, especially during tough times.

You can also make different things if you want to win against the problems you are experiencing here on earth. But there’s a particular protection from the divine realm and seraphic cleansing you need to perform. Through the archangel’s powers, God’s authority goes beyond the problems we face here on earth. You can apply specific steps to realize Archangel Metatron’s protection and cleansing against any troubles and diseases.

Here’s why Metatron angel will safeguard against any ailments:

Archangel Metatron usually brings balance and peace

Archangel Metatron is tasked to maintain balance in the universe while also helping humanity bring harmony in the world and on earth. This is one of his leading roles. He focuses on bringing light where there’s unhealthy and harmful energy.

Metatron is usually the master when it comes to peace and justice. In times of crisis and difficult situations, he usually helps people find a balance emotionally. It’s, therefore, essential to maintain self peace and be stable emotionally. Connecting with Angel Metraton helps heighten your consciousness levels to see and understand things more clearly.

Amid a crisis, it’s important to attain a perfect equilibrium between serving others and yourself, which is precisely what Archangel Metatron is meant to do in your soul. He typically wants people to find an excellent balance, contentment, serenity, and harmony to maintain minimum stress levels. It equally helps us stay mentally and physically healthy.

Miraculaous Healing Powers of Archangel Metatron

Many healing tests have been applied to individuals with a strong connection to Archangel Metatron. One of the trials was used for someone who was found with cancer. We stood outside with our eyes closed during the entire session as Mars crossed the sun when praying to radiate a stronger halo power in a ray of pink light to the person afflicted.  Others could only feel it but not see anything.

Such sessions were performed in the year Archangel Metatron’s healing power took effect when a person surrendered their faith and soul to the archangels and God after being cleaned off corruption and nay negative energy. Patients recovered relatively fast, and this surprised the doctors. As we write this article, the person prides himself in having a strong bond with Archangel Metatron in his life and is enjoying good health.

Archangel Metatron can shield you against diseases and has dynamic power and understanding of what human beings go through. Connecting with Angel Metraton and protecting you and your loved ones any disease:

The Angel’s Shielding Mediation

#1.  Begin a session of meditation

Ensure you are in a quiet place and silently meditate for about 30 minutes before following this guide to utilize Archangel Metatron’s shielding. You can also try some breathing exercises right before the cycle. Now follow the steps below:

#2.  Visualizing your Crown Chakra

It lies on top of the head and is the seventh chakra. Focus your mind to notice a golden pyramid. Let the energy coming through the mind to cloud your imagination and let it enter through the crown chakra. This will give you a feeling of sameness and protection, a lifting feeling. At this instance, you might feel strange, but there’s no cause for alarm. Focus on your emotions as it lifts, and as your consciousness increases, you will hear some micro-sounds where you are: everything will be clear especially in the mind and soul. Open up your heart then take a breath.

#3.  Visualizing a Waterfall

Right after passing the pyramid,  there’s a light waterfall shimmering and shining. You will feel the light particles being sprayed on your body and face dissolving any feelings that oppose love.

#4.  Taking a Step Forward

At this point, you will have to dive in the waterfall. Here, you’ll feel the light burning through your entire body and being, and when you do, the angels will guide you as their purpose aids in shielding and cleansing. Continue feeling the waterfall’s light trespassing the crown chakra right through the spinal column. It’s lifting, and now you’ll have been cleansed.

#5.  Verbal Invocation Through Archangel Metatron’s Prayer

The final step is to invoke Archangel Metraton verbally to conclude the entire shielding process. We declare and give power to every word we speak when we pray and invoke the archangels, increasing our vibrations and aura levels. Combining all these with meditation recitations ensures a strong enough connection.

Adding context is also great, as in our case, getting protection against diseases. For this to work effectively, you will need to ask earnestly, praise loudly and in faith. Recite Archangel Metatron’s prayer below while at it.

“Thank you, Archangel Metatron, for introducing me to higher angelic frequencies, clearing destructive vibrations within me and encircling me in your aura and pink light. Grant me eternal peace and make me emotionally stable. Use your potent energy and godly geometry to bring all the chakras in my body to an equilibrium. Cleanse and guide me against bad fortunes and negative vibes. Shield me and my loved ones against any calamities. I prophesize divine intervention as you will work to protect me and nullify negative vibrations in my life. I profess this, and so shall it be. Amen.”

Following praising and reciting the above prayer, take more mind-blowing exercises and conclude the uplifting session of meditation with rest and taking a lot of water. Doing this meditation recitation at night is highly recommended so that you can have enough rest after being exposed to significant angelic frequency energies.


The angelic realm will protect you against life-threatening diseases if you follow all these steps. You can share it with your loved ones for their protection as well. You need meditation habits and prayers to heighten your spirituality levels to unlock the doorway. It will also help you connect with other archangels effectively and get miracles and blessings for as long as you live.

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