What Are Ophanim Angels?

Ophanim angels are celestial beings in the book of Enoch. Like the cherubim and seraphim, they normally don’t sleep as their job is to watch over God’s throne. Ophanim, Cherubim, and Seraphim are equated to thrones in Christianity.

The ophanim angels usually express God’s creative energy in the entire universe including communication with human beings to help each one of them learn their roles in life and also afterward. Generally, they help enlighten humans especially about the universe and everything else in it.

Connecting with Ophanim Angels

Ophanim angels usually use extrasensory ways to communicate with people. With the extrasensory communications, you can receive different signs or messages including clairsentience, clairaudience, clairgustance, clairvoyance, and clairalience.


Clairvoyance typically translates to a clear vision. Clairvoyants can see people, objects, locations, and events to obtain information. It allows you see things outside your time and space.

Clairvoyance can generally be divided into three different categories: remote viewing, precognition, and retrocognition. Precognition is the ability to know or predict what will happen in future. Retrocognition is the ability to see past occurrences. While remote viewing is the ability to see things that happen outside your normal perception.

By using clairvoyance, human beings can connect with ophanim angels. For instance, in our case, you can visualize impressions in the mind both voluntarily or involuntarily. Ophanim angels can communicate with human beings with clairvoyance showing them different events destined to occur or past events to demonstrate history that should not be allowed happen again. Clairvoyance is considered as a gift from God and archangel Haniel can help you develop it.


Clairaudience loosely translates to clear hearing. You can hear things that are not in the physical realm where you reside. You tend to hear sounds far beyond your reality.

The ophanim angels could be trying to contact you by allowing you to understand and hear different voices that you typically wouldn’t under normal circumstances. They can also send a vocal message to heighten your awareness on something. Clairaudience is an excellent way of understanding what the angels are trying to put across in their message to you. In this case, listening is quite important since clairaudience is a highly intuitive means of communication.

Some people are born with this skill but it can be developed too especially if you intend to communicate with ophanim angels.


Clear smelling precisely defines clairalience. This skill allows you to smell different aromas that typically provide psychic knowledge. Clairalience is quite common as opposed to clairaudience and clairvoyance. You have probably experienced clairalience if you have at some point smelled something that has not been there for quite a while or one in front of you. For instance, the roses your mother used to grow or the cigars your uncle could smoke at the back porch.

Ophanim angels use clairalience to get in touch with human beings. Sometimes, scents and aromas are more powerful means of communication than hearing and seeing. If you want to practice clairalience to get access to a strong connection, try sitting quietly while mediating and ask the angels to show you a sign.


Clairgustance typically translates to clear tasting. With clairgustance, you will discover a lot of things through sense of taste even when there’s nothing tangible in your mouth that will make you feel the taste of whatever you will be tasting.

In this case, you will be tasting things that exist in the spiritual realm and even taste without putting anything in your mouth. Ophanim angels will send you a specific taste or flavor is send a message. If you want to put into practice this psychic skill, you can mediate as in clairalience or with trusted friends and family. When it comes to mediating with friends, call them on phone and ask them to drink or eat something.

Concentrate enough to see if you can feel the taste of what they are eating or drinking from where you are. However, this might take a while before you get it right, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen on your first trial. When it comes to communicating with ophanim angels, practice usually makes perfect.


Clairsentience loosely translates to having a clear sense of touch. It usually involves getting information by psychic means through physically touching it. The ability generally gives you to feel tangible things from the future, past, or present. You can also feel in an emphatic way, the emotional state of others. You can also visit a location physically to gain information be it a park, house, or a café.

Ophanim angels can use clairsentience to contact human beings by allowing them feel a message or an atmosphere through psychic or physical touch. When you are alone and focused, try picking up positive energetic vibrations in your body. This is one way of practicing clairsentience especially when anticipating ophanim contact.

Ophanim angels can try connecting with you through other means besides the five abilities mentioned above. For instance, you might experience sudden feelings of increased faith or even get a solution to a problem you’ve been dealing with for the longest time out of the blues. This are angelic signs that you will learn to recognize over time.

Conclusion: Connecting with Ophanim Angels

You already know that connecting and being open to communication with Ophanim angels has several benefits. They always help human beings to understand God’s will and also become more enlightened while ultimately clarifying the laws of the universe which loosely translates to making all the wrongs right.

Communicating with Ophanim angels will help you understand more about the universe and be more appreciative of everything in it. It’s a bold step towards further enlightenment.

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