A Guide on Archangel Saraquel or Sariel

A Guide on Archangel Saraquel or Sariel

Angel Sariel belongs to both the theta and angelic realms. Humans are considered to be the wisest here on earth. However, there are some galaxies and divine forces that tend to challenge our interpretation of things. As we all know, the world is a tiny spot in an assembly of realms.

Angelic realm usually connects our spiritual and real worlds. It’s the angel’s home just like the universe is the home to trees, humans, animals and birds.

The angels are divine messengers and also help communicate the message of God to the people. Just like the angelic realm, angels too are invisible since they usually vibrate at frequencies beyond our visual and auditory range. You need to have vast experience and knowledge to be conversant with the divine frequency and easily tune into the angel’s waveband.

About Archangels

We all have been enticed at some point in our lives by this idea of existing spiritual beings which makes the contest between faith and science a common subject of interest.

Angels are wiser and not home to humans mediocre level when it comes to worldly knowledge. In spite of our religion and different belief systems, stories about angels are usually planted in our heritage. These angels are incorporeal, spiritual and perfect beings who are God’s creation and act as His servants and messengers. They follow God’s commands and fully execute His words since they are devoted subjects.

Although angels follow the word of God to the latter, they are also tasked to offer us their protection. They are often present in our lives guiding us every step of the way unbeknownst to us. When we intercede, they take our prayers to God directly.

Archangels hold the highest rank in the hierarchy of angels although angels usually perform God’s work selflessly. The task of archangels are slightly different from that of angels, however, they have crucial and more important duties.

Archangels job is to think about God day and night, glorifying His name without ceasing, shielding all His mysteries and respecting Him. Archangels offer unconditional love and light with a mission that closely interrelates with guiding and serving humanity. Archangels are usually in charge of guardian angels, and other divine entities who support us here on earth. They spread an unquestionable energy of love and also project the light of God.

There are several other archangels in the spiritual realm such as Metatron, Raguel, and Azrael with each given some divine responsibilities. Archangel Sariel or Saraquel is among the celestial archangels.

The Role of Angel Sariel or Saraquel (the Punisher) In Ancient and Religious Texts

The name Saraquel and Sariel both loosely translates to God’s command in Hebrew. Angel Sariel is mainly associated with Judaic tradition. Archangel Sariel is also known as Seriel, Surya, Sauriel, Saraquel, Sourial, Surufel, and Sarakiel. He is one of the holiest angels but also considered as a fallen one meaning he was cast out of heaven just like Amenadiel.

Archangel Sariel is among the angels that rule Aries and preside over the estival solstice also known as summer solstice. Sariel also teaches about the moon and this was long ago considered impermissible knowledge.

Sariel is said to be one of the holy angels of trembling and eternity in the book of Enoch. It’s also believed that angel Sariel often leads men down the wrong path and had a strong desire for their children as highlighted in the book of Genesis and Enoch. Angel Saraquel or Sariel is known to be the angel of healing and death.

According to history, angel Salathiel along with Sariel brought Adam and Eve back to the treasure’s cave from high mountain tops where they had been lured by Satan.

Qualities of Archangel Saraquel or Sariel

Archangel Saraquel is quite powerful and has different responsibilities and tasks in heaven.  He is known as the angel of death and punishment meaning that he usually punishes angels and humans that go against God’s will and commands. Sariel equally punishes wrong-doers and protects people against any evil forces and eyes. Plus, he’s a warrior just like St. Michael the archangel protecting you against the demonic archons who are evil entities and typically feed off people’s energies.

Besides being known as the angel of death and punishment, Angel Sariel is also the angel of healing. There are certain unfortunate moments when we see our loved ones dying. We often feel an unsettling pain and hopeless although this journey is meant to be placid. In such instances, you can call upon angel Sariel. He will comfort and give you hope. Angel Sariel will give you a helping hand and reassurance to se you through the difficult situation.

Angel Sariel’s other significant virtue is being a housekeeper. He trusts the divine order. Call upon angel Sariel if you feel overwhelmed with work or when your life seems chaotic and turbulent. He will help bring order to your life and get you organized.

Archangel Sariel will also give you mental clarity when you are overwhelmed. Praying to him for healing and guidance will tone down your stress levels and also make you feel at ease. Sariel will guide you on the right path of life. Saraquel is usually described as an ox. He will appear to you as an ox when you invoke his presence. This physical form symbolizes Aries, the celestial origin.

Connecting with Angel Sariel or Saraquel

Invoke the presence of angel Sariel whenever you feel are not in control of your life. Call upon angel Sariel anytime your life is chaotic. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed with different life situations perhaps you are holding a party and many people turn up or maybe you have a lot of tasks to complete within a short time. Invoke Archangel Sandalphon to help you prevail in spite of adversity.

Difficult life situations can stress you out and make you feel restless. In such cases when your life feels chaotic, call upon angel Sariel as he will ease your burdens and calm your nerves. You can also seek his assistance when you are in low spirits especially after losing someone close to you. The death of a loved one can usually takes a toll on us and saying goodbye can be quite hard. It’s at this time that the soul needs healing. You need mental clarity and peace, don’t allow your emotions to eat you up.

Invoke the presence of Saraquel if you are sad and need comfort as he will heal your soul. Angel Sariel will give you faith and hope for the future making you feel better instantly. He will also reassure you that things will eventually align in the fullness of time.

You can recite any prayer when calling out to the archangels. Ensure you say meditate in a serene and quiet place. As you pray, fill your heart and mind with good thoughts and emotions connecting with your soul, mind, and body. Reciting a prayer usually has a calming effect, make the angels listen to you and feel your energy. Say the following prayer when calling out to angel Sariel:

“I invoke your presence oh holy Saraquel. Please, show yourself to me and give me peace. Grant that I may have a deeper understanding of myself. Let me just be.  Trust, Love, and Love. Amen.”

After saying this prayer, ask archangel Sariel to bring order to your life. He will grant you the power you need to deal with anything is overwhelming.

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