Who is Archangel Samael?

Who is Archangel Samael?

You should consider connecting with archangel Samael, the exceptional cosmic angel in the spiritual realm if you are facing difficult life situations as he will illuminate your path. The mighty archangel Samael is wise, charismatic, offers protection and will also uplift you spiritually. Archangel Samael usually traverse all the realms and passes through the universe veils.

Archangel Samael is creative, seductive and charming. Reciting his prayer and having a strong connection with him will heighten your spiritual levels. This article highlights detailed steps on how to pray to archangel Samael, the Abrahamic religion’s true adversary and the benefits of connecting with him.

About Archangel Samael

There are different archangels in each level of heaven and Samael is one of them. He is a prince in the 5th heaven. The angels are usually ranked highly holding special statuses in the angelic realm. Archangel Samael projects real power, intelligence, vigor, and wrath in equal measure.

The archangels have different planets associated with them. Samael is usually associated with Mars, death, and is known to accuse the wrongdoers too. Samael unleashed his wrath on Job and also fought with Jacob and left him injured. Such incidents prove that archangel Samael is very powerful and strong. Archangel Azrael is also known to be the archangel of death.

Most people mistake archangel Samael for the devil or Satan which is not true. He usually follows God’s commandments to the latter and doesn’t manifest evil or believe in it. He only bowed before God and no one else which resulted to him being cast out of heaven. When he descended here on earth, Samael married Lilith and has been existing as the accuser of wrongdoers and the archangel of death since that time. Lilith was Mazikeen’s mother.

Despite having a sinful job, archangel Samael is also known to hold the manifesting power of positive energy. He easily distinguishes the good from bad and will let you know if you are going against God. He also makes people aware of their pretense and delusions guiding them towards a more spiritual path. Archangel Samael can elevate your status spiritually.

How Archangel Samael Uplifts Your Level of Spirituality

Samael is known to be the epitome of positive energy. He traverses both the Qliphothic and Sefirotic spheres. However, the two realms are not similar in any way. Qliphothic is an evil spirit realm while Sefirotic is of the holy spirits and pure.

You can easily travel across the two realms if you establish a strong connection with archangel Samael. Invoking his presence through prayer and meditation helps people unravel their third eye chakra. The Ajna Chakra is a vision that enables you get to your subconscious giving you some power to reach your intuition, intensifying your senses.

You can tap into many inaccessible domains when you call upon archangel Samael through prayer and meditation and ask him to wash you with his essence. He helps people get strength from the divine realm allowing you to be in total control of your will, superconscious, and psychic senses.

The Sefirot

The Sefirot is known to be a divine creativity sphere. Having a connection with archangel Samael lets you tap into the elements of the spiritual world. Sefirot has different illuminations of God’s light and each one of them refers to having a connection with Christ. The ten Sefirot are intellect, kindness, kingship, wisdom, crown, consciousness, discipline, beauty, understanding, and victory.

The Qliphoth

Archangel Samael’s true reign lies in the Qliphoth which is the realm of evil spirits, the unholy and impure. He is known as the angel of death, destruction, war, and rules the planet Mars. Samael is also the archangel of lust and wisdom and acts as a protector against any evil.

Archangel Samael is impure and pure in equal measure. He manifests both darkness and light affiliated to both the unknown and known. He can clearly distinguish good from the bad. Archangel Samael will let you tap into both worlds if you establish a connection with him.

When you call upon archangel Samael, he will protect you against evil, grant you wisdom and courage. Through prayer, meditation, and invocation of the powerful ancient spirits, Samael offers humans Cain’s mark.

Cain’s Mark

The mark of Cain tends to heighten spirituality levels around the body and creates a powerful aura. It’s usually strong during the third eye chakra. You will feel archangel Samael’s power and charisma around you with the mark on your body.

How is Archangel Samael Connected with Mars?

Archangel Samael is aligned with Mars, the red planet that’s why he has a connection with the planet. Samael is associated with red which is also the planet’s color. Red symbolizes energy and power and that is exactly how you will feel when you invoke the presence of archangel Samael.

Archangel Samael is also known as God’s venom and is associated with fire elements displaying the connection he has with red. The mortality, flame, and war ruler has a powerful, strong, and intense presence. Connecting with archangel Samael will give you a sense of freedom and wisdom too. Your surrounding energy will be fiery like that of a warrior.

Mars is usually better positioned on Tuesdays which makes it the best time to invoke the presence of archangel Samael. Dawn To make your invocation more effective, try doing it at dawn. But the best time is the day’s 1st and 8th hour while at night you can call upon his presence at the 3rd and 10th hour.

When it comes to astrological signs, archangel Samael usually aligns with Scorpio and Aries. It would be great to invoke Samael when the planet Mars moves to Scorpio.

Archangel Samael’s Other Associations

Apart from planets, days, and astrological signs there are other different animals, plants, and several aspects of such associations. Humans use the objects to elevate the invocation of archangel Samael and their meditation.

Metals – Bronze, Iron, and Brass

Colors – White and Red

Herbs – Wild rose, Ginger, Wormwood, Cinnamon, and Coriander

Crystals – Topaz, Bloodstone, and Diamond

Animals – Bear, Scorpion, and Wolf

Plants and Trees – Mistletoe, Hawthorn, Rowan, and Acacia

You can learn about the prayer of archangel Samael now that you know the different objects associated with him.

Meditating and Connecting with Archangel Samael

You need to prepare yourself properly in advance before invoking the presence of archangel Samael. Make ready Martian incense by using cinnamon, rose petals, red peppers, and basil then wrap it in a pipe. As an alternative means, you can also choose to place the incense on burning coal.

Secondly, prepare Samael’s seals. You can do it yourself at home or buy from the stores online or in your locality. You can also use a cartridge paper and make them at the comfort of your home. When it cones to your body and surroundings, make use of his oil. You can find archangel Samael’s oil in e-commerce websites and stores.

It would help if you performed the ritual on Tuesdays very early in the morning. Put on a red or white robe when preparing yourself to invoke the presence of archangel Samael. Go ahead and call upon him when all the essentials are ready.

  1. Pre-requisites

Ensure you are putting on a red or white rob. Perform this invocation at dawn for effective results.

  1. Set an Altar

Get a table and cover it with a piece of red or white cloth then place these items on it:

  • Archangel Samael’s image
  • The Martian incense
  • Grail of wine
  • Dagger or use something made of steel/ iron
  • Meat
  • Bloodstone
  • Red candles
  • Archangel Samael’s seals
  1. Light Your Candles

After setting up the altar, light the incense and the two candles to start of the process. Envision his presence in your mind while focusing on the candle flames.

  1. Start Chanting

Draw your energy from the candle flames. Open your entire mind, body, and soul to trap the energy in your surroundings. Visualize this energy flowing right through your body from the head up to the toes. Think of the yellow and red candle flames around you surrounding your aura. Recite this chant several times:

Shemal, Chavayoth, Saklas, Samael

  1. Invoke Archangel Samael and Recite His Prayer

When you get to experience this energy, and feel you are fully prepared, begin invoking his presence. Recite Archangel Samael’s prayer and repeat severally:

“I call upon you oh archangel Samael, the mighty and powerful being. The angel of darkness and light, unknown and known, the truthful, wise, knower of wrong and right. Surround me with your aura of energy and protect me against evil. Free my mind, light up my path, hear my petitions, and wash me in your powerful essence. Oh divine, help me to always be alert and conscious. Archangel Samael, help me to be creative and have a positive energy. Give me courage and strength. Guide me with your wisdom and protect me against evil with your powerful strength. Amen.”

  1. Open Your Mind, Body, and Soul to Receive Archangel Samael’s Energy

Drink and eat from your offering. Stand up or lie down while keeping your arms open. Feel this energy flowing through the body taking it in from your hands up to the toes. Let the planet Mars fill your mind with creativity and positivity to enhance your conscious levels. Communicate with the archangel and embrace him or let him communicate with you.

Connecting with Archangel Samael

Once you establish a connection with archangel Samael, you can frequently with him. He will first accuse you of the false beliefs and misconceptions in your mind. The angel of wisdom will help you overcome any of your fears and weaknesses. Besides, he’s also make you a free spirit.

Don’t be greedy and use the powers of the archangel wrongly since he will punish you as part of his duty. He will guide you to the path of righteousness and wisdom. This will help you conquer your problems and difficult life situations.

Archangel Samael is harsh and equally protective. He will raise your spiritual levels when you connect with him.


To improve your power of communication with archangel Samael, pray and meditate regularly. Your aura will gain positive energy each time you meditate as the days go by. You will be able to distinguish between right and wrong since you’ll have a clear mind. Harness your wisdom and creativity and do good for others and yourself. Also, be careful not to take advantage of this spiritual power in the wrong way.

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