Who is Archangel Muriel? Can He Cure Cancer?

Who is Archangel Muriel? Can He Cure Cancer?

Science shows that synchronicity takes a small percentage while the remaining part is usually orchestrated by guardian angels and archangels. It’s therefore not a coincidence that today we are sharing these encounters and experiences with this gentle and powerful archangel.

An invitation to share the tools literally pops along with the archangel in question. Besides, you should know that archangels don’t usually play gender, that’s typical of human beings. Archangels will connect with us according to how they want us to hear, see, feel and interact with them. This means that we decide on our own whether the energy emitted feels more masculine or feminine.

For most people, archangel Muriel’s energy feels more feminine just like that of Haniel, Ariel and Jophiel. For others, these collective energies feel masculine. However, we’ll go with what we can tell as the gospel truth and know deep down in our hearts can change depending on different situations.

Feel what you think is true then with your eyes closed, take a brief moment and loudly or silently call out the name of archangel Muriel several times. Pay attention and notice if the aura feels intuitive, yin, feminine and softer or masculine, yang, bold and secure. Whatever it is, the powerful yet gentle aura of archangel Muriel will help us when dealing with different feelings such as embracing sensitivities, any form of anxiety, whether stress or money related and overwhelm and guide us as we move forward.

You only need to call upon archangel Muriel and ask for her assistance. Here are different ways archangel Muriel can come to our aid when we invoke her presence in our lives:

1. Muriel is Known to Have Gentle Emotions

Archangel Muriel’s energy will come in handy when you are feeling a lot of negativity or overwhelmed with different life situations. The archangel usually helps in balancing our emotional well-being especially when we feel the world is getting chaotic.

2. Archangel Muriel Will Release Your Anxiety

The gentle presence of archangel Muriel will help you process all anxiety feelings including those that relate to other people, money, emotions, events and any type of attack in your life. The archangel will also help remove the fears in your heart associated with anxiety.

3. Archangel Muriel’s Protection Layer

When we are under attack from people, energies, our finances, objects, illnesses, gossip and other related issues, archangel Muriel will cover you with her layer of protection.

4. Archangel Muriel Will Increase Your Sensitivities

Muriel will increase your sensitivity and help you see things in a different light. You will notice that they are not something you need to manage and not a burden either. When you are ready to embrace your sensitivities, archangel Muriel will help you honor them and also stay at high frequencies so that outside forces don’t affect you.

5. Archangel Muriel will Help You Develop Both Intuitively and Spiritually

Archangel Muriel is known to come to the aid of people dealing with tough life situations but her energy is equally a powerhouse especially when it comes to helping the develop both intuitively and spiritually. Using your intuition will bring you closer to great spirits consequently helping with all the above.

6. Archangel Muriel’s Supernatural Cleansing Powers

Muriel is a name that is derived from a Celtic element which typically means sea as stated in Wikipedia. It’s therefore not a coincidence that archangel Muriel is also associated with water elements typically used for cleansing purposes. People use water to cleanse and wash away anything that don’t serve them well.

With your eyes closed, sprinkle water all around you in the bathroom or just imagine a source of water body running anywhere around you- say the following words either loudly or silently. “Archangel Muriel, the archangel of gentle emotions, thank you for washing away and cleansing things that don’t serve me: negativity, all my fears, anxiety and any bad energies. I choose to release them to the sea in a different dimension, space and time to fulfill their purpose. Thank you.”

However, archangel Muriel will come to your aid only if you ask by invoking her presence. After which you are required to take action and also listen to her message. If you are not certain of the presence of archangel Muriel in your life, you should know that she manifests in different ways and sometimes the response is usually subtle.

Here are different ways archangel Muriel’s energy can respond:

  • Showing white and light pink colors
  • A feeling or slight sensation in your root chakra
  • You will smell floral scents
  • Constant thoughts of trusting in yourself
  • A nudging feeling to help people even when you don’t have the resources
  • You will feel the need to care for animals and plants
  • You will feel the need to embrace your sensitivities and take care of yourself

If you like using tools when invoking the presence of archangel Muriel, consider getting healing crystals. You can use rhodochrosite as it helps with self-care for high sensitivities and empaths, hematite for anxiety release and rhodonite points will help with emotional healing. You can additionally use some essential oils if you want to have a strong connection with archangel Muriel since she is associated with floral scents and flowers too. Try lavender, bergamot, valor, ylang-ylang, jasmine and thieves.

If you want to connect with archangel Muriel, use the guided meditation above and pray that closed doors open, peace prevails, emotions shift and anxiety released.

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