Archangel Cassiel’s Comforting Facts

Archangel Cassiel was first human before transcending to become an angel just like Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon. He is a powerful entity in the divine realm. He’s also known as Tzafkiel or Kafziel meaning God’s speed in Hebrew.

Cassiel is the loneliest in the spiritual realm also referred to as archangel of tears. He is Saturn’s guardian and has no major task pertaining serving humanity but only observes what happens with God’s creation and the entire universe including human beings and earth.

Archangel Cassiel can provide powerups when helping you through support although he was prohibited from interfering with certain destiny cases. In such instances, your aura becomes stronger attracting the things you desire or need in your life. This is one of the few reasons why you need to connect with archangel Cassiel to unlock your blessings and increase your life’s energy support.

The seventh heaven where archangel Cassiel is the governor and principal is usually a scared place although he’s not quite powerful like other major archangels. Heaven has been divided into different spheres with levels in each one of them with different archangels on every level and their roles regarding serving God and humanity.

Cassiel is typically represented with black robes carrying scythe in a few tarot cards that’s why people call him the angel of death. This is not entirely true. Archangel Cassiel is portrayed in that manner since he has an important task of serving humanity and leading all souls to God’s feet when they die. Here are five different comforting facts about archangel Cassiel that will help you if you have a stronger connection with him:

1. You Will Feel Archangel Cassiel’s Presence in Difficult Situations

Archangel Cassiel will guide you and see you through some difficult situations. He meets people at their point of need when they feel helpless, lost, and alone. Cassiel offers support and also helps you overcome the pain that comes with losing a loved one. Archangel Cassiel will gracefully carry your worries and problems if you lose your will to live until you regain your strength and bounce back to normalcy. All the above reasons clearly explain why Cassiel cannot be referred to as the angel of death.

2. Archangel Cassiel Will Be Your Companion in Solitude

Call upon archangel Cassiel for companion if you feel isolated and lonely. We all have to change residence at some point in life due to destiny reasons and new places come with loneliness for quite a while before you finally get used to the environment. Archangel Sandalphon will be useful in helping you find people with vibrations similar to yours.

Archangel Cassiel offers good company and loves to help lonely people in different phases of life. He has the ability to make us feel an aura boost and angelic connection thereby increasing our divine energy especially when we don’t feel any connection with the people around us for the betterment of our lives.

3. Archangel Cassiel Saves Lost Souls

Most non-spiritual souls end up roaming the earth and sometimes the Limb but you can ask Cassiel to come to their aid and help them especially those who died before giving their life to Christ and repenting their sins. The Limb is an empty place in the divine realm, big enough that souls never meet and wander in absolute solitude. Archangel Cassiel comes in handy in such instances to help those souls removing them from that hell and showing them the path that leads to heaven.

4. Archangel Cassiel Offers Divine Protection in Water

All archangels in heaven have unique supernatural skills. But, some of these skills are usually common such as power to speed, fly and having more strength. However, the archangels have different qualities and capabilities that tend to differentiate them from one another. In our case, Cassiel usually has a certain skill and that is interpreting the dolphin’s language.

Dolphins are perceived as exceptional sea animals and also on earth falling next to human beings. Even so, archangel Cassiel is the only one who understands their language thus referred to as the archangel of the sea.

It’s important to call upon archangel Cassiel and ask for his protection if you frequently travel by sea since he has a close connection with the dolphins. If you invoke his presence, he will ensure you have a smooth ride in open seas.

5. Archangel Cassiel Will Help Balance Your Karma

Karma is usually the spiritual score level of the soul depending on the cause of your actions and its effect on the law. Archangel Cassiel helps balance your karma to a healthy level since he is more of a spiritual guide. Cassiel is the inner voice that guides you through life helping you not to do bad things impacting your karma in a positive way. Since Cassiel cannot interfere with your destiny, he supports and guides you to make the right decisions in life.

Archangel Cassiel also advices and guides anyone who asks for help. He’s the only one of the archangels in heaven that leads a solitary life which is a good thing since at the core of loneliness lies a deep yearning for a connection with yourself according to Brendan Francis.

Cassiel is a lonely archangel wandering the universe watching every occurrence and admiring its beauty. However, he will offer companion and also support you when you feel alone and lonely and is the best archangels to have a connection with.

Connecting with Archangel Cassiel Through Prayer

Unlike Archangel Jophiel, you don’t have to follow any specific steps and perform rituals to have a strong connection with archangel Cassiel. He will show up and help you when you ask for his help. During prater and meditation, call upon him and you will feel his presence when you connect. You will feel a connection later in the day if it doesn’t happen when you are praying or he will come to your aid to comfort and support you in trying times. You can recite the following prayer when asking for his guidance, support, and help:

“Archangel Cassiel, God’s speed and that of the entire universe, Saturn’s and the stars guardian, you are holy. Oh, Counselor and most high observer, legitimize my aura, help me have an energy like yours and impact my karma positively. Hear my cry for help (mention your requests) Your support and presence make me find peace, comfort, and happiness when I am lonely. Help me to always carry all my worries and needs in my times of struggle. (Mention your struggles). For this I pray to the Lord, Amen.”

Recite the above prayer to establish a connection with archangel Cassiel. However, the prayer and meditation sessions need to be habitual to heighten your level of spirituality and strengthen your connection with him.

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