Is Castiel an Archangel?

Is Castiel an Archangel?

You must be conversant with Castiel’s character, played by Misha Collins, if you have watched the fantasy show Supernatural. Castiel is not an archangel in the show. He is currently a seraph but was once an angel and human too for a short time. In the show, Castiel’s character is typically based on Archangel Cassiel, who often appears as one of the seven angels in extracanonical Jewish, Islamic, and Christian magical and mystical works.

On the show, Castiel changes from an angel to a seraph right after God resurrects him when Lucifer killed him. In a later episode, he also refers to himself as a seraph.  Seraphs are usually of a bit higher class than angels. In the hierarchy, they are higher than angels but under archangels.

Seraphs are equally powerful, deriving their powers from heaven but not entirely. Therefore, it means that they don’t necessarily lose their power when cast out or banished from heaven. Although they are more potent than angels save for archangels, they have similar weaknesses and strengths like the rest inherently.

Similarities Between Archangel Cassiel and Castiel

Although the show deviates from the actual angel stories and meanings, there are comparisons and similarities drawn from these two angels. If you examine the details of both angels closely, you will notice they have several things in common, as stated below:


Archangel Cassiel is also associated with Kefitzat Haderech. It’s a Kabbalistic term in Jewish, meaning contracting the path. It allows Cassiel to travel through time and space with excellent speed comfortably. In the show Supernatural, Archangel Cassiel can also teleport everywhere in existence in a few minutes. He also transported different groups of people.

Archangel Castiel also has the ability to bend time and equally travels back to the past. This is done occasionally but does not prove to be strenuous. For instance, in season 6 of You Can’t Handle The Truth, he rapidly searches an entire city in minutes.

Archangel Castiel is also known to be an observer, the angel that absorbs and witnesses God’s works in the universe. He has a vast knowledge of all the workings and beings in existence. Castiel also knows many things concerning the universe, occult, spells, lore, plus the structure and entire defense of hell.

Archangel Cassiel and Castiel, like all the other angels from the show, can also hear human beings’ prayers. It allows them to know the desires of their hearts and plights, letting them locate a person as Castiel does in the Supernatural show. In both real life and the show, the way people pray to connect with Archangel Castiel and Cassiel is not entirely formal and complex. You can connect with them by reciting a simple prayer.

Roles Assigned

Archangel Cassiel is referred to as the observer or watcher that has been banned for interfering in the human world in the Kabbalistic texts. He can only sit and look at the workings of earth from a distance while detached from it. He can’t be involved in making any changes in our destinies and lives directly.

The above is similar to angel Castiel’s story in the show. Archangel Castiel was part of a garrison – a group of different angels assigned different tasks before joining Dean and Sam. He was tasked to watch over humanity for about 2000 years without visiting the earth. Castiel took charge of watching over humanity when the original leader fell.

Both Archangel Castiel and Cassiel held positions of loneliness and solitude, where all they could do was watch and learn about humanity and the universe without necessarily having any interaction with them. This is the reason why Castiel has detached air, especially when dealing with human beings. He grew to love humanity after watching it for a long time yet aloof since he’s not been in contact with it for centuries.

Their History is the Same

Archangel Cassiel, together with Metatron and Sandalphon, were among the few who were humans first and transcended into angels afterward. Although Castiel starts as a regular angel, he was human for a short while. This happened when Archangel Metatron stripped him of his grace. He then wanders the earth as a typical human being, understanding and getting close to humanity during the three months. He then takes grace from angel Theo and regains his angelic status. Therefore, both Archangel Castiel and Cassiel have experiences of being angels and mortals.


The traits connecting with Saturn that typically help Cassiel rule are self-control, prudence, temperance, and moderation. The virtue is a Greek concept of sophrosyne, a great character. Archangel Cassiel is also known for such characters that label him as detached, unemotional, and lonely.

This is quite similar to Archangel Castiel’s personality in the show. When he was first introduced in the show, Castiel has a detached and unemotional trait that angels usually have. He’s monotonous and level-headed, showing very little in the way of low and high emotions. His leading role was to help Dean take charge of his actions and introduce serenity to the character. However, as the show goes on, Dean’s character tends to rub off on him.

Archangel Castiel was disconnected from humanity for a long time, just like his counterpart, which explains his confusion and awkwardness about human interactions and behaviors.  As the show progresses, he slowly starts to warm up to humans but detaches and is dumbfounded by some human actions such as white lies and voicemails.

Both Archangel Castiel and Cassiel are known to be unusual angels as a result of their humanity detachment.

How They Relate to Human Beings

Archangel Cassiel provides support and strength to people who are in despair, lost, and alone. He cannot intervene directly but provides strength and guidance to those who need it most. It matches Castiel’s role as he was introduced to Sam and Dean then came to their aid several times in challenging situations. They usually pray, calling him out and seeking help.

Both Archangel Castiel and Cassiel come to aid those who seek their help when facing difficult situations. However, Archangel Cassiel can’t directly intervene to change a person’s destiny.

Castiel’s Spiritual and Supernatural Side

Although Castiel and Supernatural are only fiction, Archangel Cassiel is an actual divine entity basing on Castiel. There’s an entire spiritual world that the angelic realm is a part of. Exploring the heavenly realm will open your soul to higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment. Archangel Cassiel usually comes in and offers guidance and reassurance, especially when you feel like the world is ending, lost, or suffered a significant loss.

Archangel Cassiel also comes to aid individuals who feel isolated or lonely, boosting auras and connecting you with compatible angels. Also, he will protect you on your journey across water bodies since he’s known as the angel of the sea. You can pray to archangel Cassiel for departed souls who didn’t repent before dying for him to help them on their new path.

Archangel Cassiel also acts as an inner voice and will help balance your karma, guiding you to make the right decisions that will be beneficial in the long run. You can ask Cassiel for help if you desire fortune and luck since he rules over all games that include sheer luck and chance.


Today’s invitation goes beyond Archangel Castiel and the fiction stories inspired in the angelic realm. You can easily connect with Castiel to seek his blessings and ask for guidance. You don’t require fancy prayers and steps to reach out to him as he comes to those who earnestly seek his presence through meditation.

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