Was Melchizedek an Angel?

Was Melchizedek an Angel?

You should set yourself right for divine healing, spiritual upliftment, prosperity and well-being of the family. Surrender and let Melchizedek in your life. He has a pure soul, pray to him. Tap on his blessings as they come with several benefits including spiritual security. Melchizedek’s blessings are usually quite peaceful.

There is a mention of Melchizedek in the bible being referred to as the son of the most high God. The Hebrew author proclaims his existence in the book of Genesis which makes knowing Melchizedek worthwhile as he is God’s righteous man. He is known by different names with some calling him the King of Peace, Salem and righteousness.

Melchizedek’s blessings can open many doors for you and the world doesn’t even know of him. The stories about God and Kings are usually mysterious. There’s a mystery revolving around King of Salem, Melchizedek. The bible doesn’t say a lot about him save for three books only. Some refer to Melchizedek as Jesus’ avatar.

Melchizedek appeared in the life of Abraham once which makes people have a lot of unanswered questions. No one heard of him after that incident.

Melchizedek and Christophany

Melchizedek is mentioned in the bible a few times although he is an intriguing character. People have many questions in their minds about his character because there’s no information on his powers especially spiritually and existence. Most people also want to know why he’s called Jesus’ avatar. Melchizedek is known to worship God more than anybody else in the spiritual realm.

Archangel Melchizedek in the biblical history is typically a tinted folklore character that was introduced by Genesis as the priest of the most high God. His character is defined when he was bestowing his blessings upon Abraham. Melchizedek is also part of Psalms but with very little attention paid to him. Hebrews also highlighted his existence but the proclamation was not detailed as well.

Christophany and Theophany are usually used for different archangels interchangeably. Generally, when you see God in visible forms, technically speaking, that person is referred to as Theophany. The appearance is in any form whether inanimate, storm, shadow, or light.

On the other hand, when God appears in the form of man, that is known as Christophany. Jesus appeared in the form of a human being born of human materials, blood and flesh. Most theological details usually refer to God’s presence in the old testament.

These testaments were written before Jesus was incarnated. Classic examples of Christophany can be drawn from the existence of Melchizedek in Daniel’s story or that of the three men. Melchizedek came into the picture almost from nowhere right after the victory of Abram against Ched. The appearance is known as Christophany because the features were identifiable in the form of a man.

Proof That Melchizedek is an Archangel

His Existence During the Times of Abraham

Melchizedek first comes into the picture in Abraham’s story when God called him astonishingly. Abraham was in a tight place during place. Lot, his nephew has been kidnapped and King Chedorlaomer at that time was conquering the world while ruling the region’s city states.

King Chedorlaomer attacked a city near Abraham’s and made Lot a prisoner. This infuriated Abraham and in turn made him pick the war referred to as the War of nine kings or Battle of Siddim against the kings along with other warriors. Abram slaughtered Chedorlaomer to achieve victory thereby rescuing Lot, his nephew and took him to Canaan. This is where archangel Melchizedek appears to bless Abraham.

There is No Family History

The details about Melchizedek’s family and his relations doesn’t appear anywhere in the bible. In the book of Hebrew, his family history contrasts that of Aaron’s priesthood lineage base. However, all these contrasting information fails to show details about his birth and death. The Hebrew writings throw in some interesting facts to answer the questions people had in mind. Just like Jesus, Melchizedek is also said to be righteous.

If the study is anything to go by, before Jesus was incarnated in flesh and bone, Melchizedek showed up like an angel in Salem to govern it. However, the existence of Jesus holds a mightier position as compared to the appearance of Melchizedek before he was born.

The Journey to Salem From Jerusalem

Salem is a city known for being peaceful and safe. The city of Salem was renamed to Jerusalem where Solomon made God’s temple. In the book of Hebrew, the author mentions different analogies, for instance, some similarities between Melchizedek and Jesus. David is Jesus’ father and also the King of Jerusalem. Jesus was later on known as the new covenant’s high priest and Melchizedek was also a priest. For some reasons, this is quite interesting.

The war between King Chedorlaomer and Abraham made the latter victorious. However, some of the kings involved in the battle were city-state rulers save for Salem. Melchizedek blessed Abraham and made him the king of peace while the city of Salem didn’t have to get into the fray.

New Testament References

The existence of Melchizedek is mentioned several times in the old testament. The new testament on the other hand is quite popular but doesn’t talk a lot about him. The bible draws attention to his roles along with some verses in the book of Genesis.

The name of Melchizedek is mentioned ten times in the bible, once in Genesis and Psalms while the rest is in Hebrews. Psalms and Genesis authors relate the existence of Melchizedek in four verses whereas in Hebrews an entire chapter is dedicated to him addressing his priesthood, encouraging people on his spiritual path and purity of the character.

To shed some light on Melchizedek’s existence, it states clearly that it can only be compared to that of God and almost resembles Jesus’. Some people would say that Melchizedek showed himself as cameo. However, the study of his appearance typically draws parallel on co-existing nature explaining that just like Jesus Christ, Melchizedek also existed literally.

Character Strength

In the scripture, Melchizedek is mentioned as the first king in priesthood. His existence led people to believing that he turned his heart to God. Melchizedek motivated the faithful to always serve God in truth and spirit. His blessings to Abraham encouraged people on their spiritual journey. The love he had for God reflected positively on his character especially in spiritual terms.

The personality of Melchizedek draws inclusivity from the existence of Jesus although this is only mentioned in the old testament. He was the most loveable priest with some referring to him as the King of righteousness and peace. Hebrew authors therefore concluded that his entire existence was infinite without birth or death. All this information is proof enough that Melchizedek is a Christophany archangel.

Melchizedek’s Blessings

After emerging victorious in his battle with King Chedorlaomer, Melchizedek bestowed his blessings on Abraham. Many people were left with questions in their minds after the sudden insertion of him in Abraham’s story. There are many lessons to learn from Melchizedek.

First, his identity teaches us something. The high priest of God, the King of peace and righteousness. The book of Genesis focuses on genealogy that revolves around Adam and his generation. There is no mention of Melchizedek’s appearance in Genesis.

Melchizedek doesn’t have any descendants but his intervention did accomplish a preposition. Abraham accepted Melchizedek’s blessings. He gave Abraham some instructions which were ideal when making crucial decisions especially in times of crisis. When Melchizedek blessed Abraham, he made him the high God, in charge of both earth and heaven. He took evil unto himself thereby bestowing happiness on Abraham’s path.

Melchizedek called upon divine favors upon Abraham’s life and also made him God’s immeasurable devotee. Abraham involved God constantly in the war against King Chedorlaomer that’s why he emerged victorious and delivered him from the hands of his enemies. The blessings bestowed to Abraham by Melchizedek made him very important.

He was a great man in the eyes of the Hebrews. Melchizedek’s appearance was timely and taught him that blessings can change lives. At the perfect time, blessings will get you through tribulations, temptation, despair, infirmities and other different situations leading to success.

How to Have a Strong Connection with Archangel Melchizedek

Melchizedek is a powerful archangel of God. He has all the virtues of God and is upheld with a lot of Grace. The role of Melchizedek in heaven is similar to that of Jesus Christ here on earth and his character is likened to Christ.

Some people call Melchizedek the archangel of peace after he was born at David’s house. Invoke Melchizedek’s presence and learn to embrace his grace. This will impact positively in your life and those around you. Seek his incredible power by God’s virtue beyond the world.

Ask Melchizedek to bless you and lead you in doing great things to make the world a better place. Always consider and support the desire you have in doing pure things. Aspire to lead a life like that of Christ and flee from all evil. Choose positive emotions only. Inculcate integrity, ethics and morality and get rid of anger and hurtful feelings.

When praying for help from Melchizedek, purpose to be better and also do better as a person. Get involved when interceding to realize the goodness of God in your life. Finally, don’t forget to pay respect to Christ’s precious and pure nature. Call them friends of solitude and peace in the heavenly sphere.

Connecting with Archangels – Living in Divine Health Spiritually

We all know that guardian angels usually watch over and protect us from any evil. All of us are supported by the spiritual masters of God, archangels, loved ones and spirit guides. What we ask for in God’s name goes to their minds directly when we pray connecting us with those in the spiritual realm. We appeal to the most high God when we pray.

Spiritual masters and archangels are usually appointed to us by God with spiritual emotions and prayers. They work for God and bestow on us the special gifts that He sends. Archangels are typically God’s advocates and act directly when it comes bringing happiness into out lives. They also manage God’s work here on earth and also:

  • Create souls
  • Lead souls to the right path
  • Order the world to its natural purview among other things

Archangels usually carry different orders. They help human beings and humanity in deriving divine in their journey. God calls archangels for specific tasks. When we are happy, we acknowledge the gifts sent to us by God and their presence.

There’s no formal prayer when asking the archangels for help, however mental clarity and purity of soul is important. Archangels respond to prayers and appear in different forms and since they are spiritual beings, they have no specific gender.

Archangels Jophiel, Metatron, Uriel and Haniel are messengers of God and act as:

  • Joy givers
  • Divine benefactors of love given unconditionally
  • Attorneys of grace and mercy
  • Pillars of strength in solitude
  • Instigators of powerful change
  • Divine guide in sexuality and life path
  • Benevolent transformers of emotional and mental anxieties

Archangels are typically spiritual naturals who make some miraculous happenings as per the orders of God. Have a strong connection with archangels and watch your life take a positive turn for the better.

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