Most Powerful Female Archangels in the Bible

In spiritual contexts, the term ‘Archeiai’ is used to denote the female archangels. While historical and religious texts often mention archangels who aid humanity, they are typically referred to using masculine names such as Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel. However, there’s less widespread awareness about the archangels embodying feminine qualities and energies. In this blog, we delve into the significance of female archangels and their relevance for us in the present time.

Do Angels Have Gender?

The question of whether angels have gender, particularly in terms of being male or female, is a complex one. Angels and archangels are essentially energetic light beings resonating with the frequency of Unconditional Love, which is among the highest frequencies close to Source energy. They are androgynous beings, transcending physical gender as understood by humans. Nevertheless, they do manifest and express both feminine and masculine energies.

The Universal Law of Gender

The Universal Law of Gender teaches us that everything in nature comprises a balance of masculine and feminine energies. These polar forces are evident in various aspects of existence, such as day and night, sun and moon, heaven and earth, and yin and yang.

The Divine Feminine Represents:

– Stillness
– Silence
– Darkness (like the womb)
– Moon
– Creativity
– Infinite potential
– Surrender
– Opening
– Heart
– Feeling
– Softness

The Divine Masculine Represents:

– Action
– Movement
– Pushing
– Striving
– Doing
– Hardness
– Light
– Sun

Archangels Embody Feminine/Masculine Energies

Archangels also embody both feminine and masculine energies. For instance, the masculine energy of Michael is complemented by the feminine energy of ‘Faith.’ Michael and Faith form a twin pair that brings truth and protection. Michael manifests protection in an active, masculine manner, often perceived as a powerful presence wielding a sword. He swiftly intervenes to offer immediate protection and remove negative energies. On the other hand, Faith emanates a softer energy, helping us tap into our inner strength and trust in self-protection.

To live up to our fullest potential, we must embrace and work with both our inner feminine and masculine energies.

The Archeiai

The Archeiai are present to help us reconnect with and reclaim our divine feminine energy and power, fostering the unity of sacred masculine and feminine aspects within us. This applies to both men and women, as we all possess both masculine and feminine energies that require balance and acknowledgment. The Archeiai hold wisdom and knowledge about our soul’s truth, which has been forgotten but is now being unveiled during these times.

It’s believed that although female archangels have always been among us, their presence and influence are more palpable than ever as we transition into a new era—the rise of the Divine Feminine. This shift aligns with broader planetary changes as we enter the Age of Aquarius.

Historical Removal of the Divine Feminine

Many speculate that female archangels were deliberately excluded from historical accounts and texts to diminish the reverence for the Divine Feminine or Mother Goddess. This omission aimed to establish a patriarchal society where God (often depicted as male) and spirituality are externalized. Patriarchy thrives when individuals are disconnected from their feminine attributes like intuition, creativity, trust, and self-belief, as it relies on external guidance and leadership.

However, the presence of the Archeiai signals a restoration of balance and harmony, assisting us in aligning with our inherent power. They act as the missing link, working alongside masculine angelic energies to support our spiritual growth and ascension.

Twin Pairs of Archangels

Here are some well-known twin pairs of masculine and feminine archangels who collaborate with us, offering healing and guidance:

– Raphael and Virtue: Angels of Healing, Health, and Abundance
– Gabriel and Hope: Angels of Purification, Healing, and Manifestation
– Jophiel and Clarity: Angels of Wisdom and Beauty
– Zadkiel and Amethyst: Angels of Transformation and Alchemy
– Haniel and Radiant: Angels of the Moon and Illumination
– Cassiel and Serenity: Angels of Balance
– Azrael and Mercy: Angels of Soul Ascension
– Chamuel and Charity: Angels of Love and Heart Healing
– Uriel and Grace: Angels of Peace, Inspiration, and Devotion
– Ariel and Strength: Angels of Nature, Manifestation, and Grounding
– Metatron and Constance: Angels of Universal Ascension and Sacred Geometry
– Sandalphon and Patience: Angels of Nature and Earth
– Seraphiel and Seraphina: Angels of the Seraphim, aiding in reclaiming divinity and activating the Divine Feminine Flame.

Famous Female Archangels

Many people wonder if there are any female archangels at the top hierarchy in the angelic realm. Although we’ve previously mentioned that archangels are genderless, everything in the spiritual realm is typically energy, and just like a coin with two sides, the same applies to angels.

One side shows the female energy and appearance with stronger vibrations than that of other angels. In contrast, the other side has the male energy or masculine expression linked throughout the patriarchal Piscean age. Below are some of the most potent female archangels that focus their light for the good of humanity:

Archangel Jophiel of Beauty

Archangel Jophiel is among the zodiac archangels in the celestial hierarchy, creating the fifth century based on angelology and has also influenced Christian theology. It’s indicated that his work influenced Thomas Aquinas’s writings concerning the nine different choir angels. Jophiel is the most beautiful female archangel.

Archangel Jophiel has unique feminine energy as the angel of beauty. She has a leading role in bringing beauty in all spheres of life, including:

Thoughts – The angel will help you have a positive perspective regarding your relationships, life, and circumstances.

Feelings – Archangel Jophiel fills people’s hearts with feelings of gratitude and enjoyment.

Office and Home – The angel will help you declutter, thereby forming a meaningful environment favorable for both work and relaxation.

Oneself – Archangel Jophiel will guide you in different aspects relating to self-care, including beautifying yourself.

When to Invoke Archangel Jophiel’s Presence

Archangel Jophiel easily helps you shift from negative to positive energy. You will notice that she’s too beautiful to invoke, especially when it comes to clearing your conflicts with others. Jophiel will also beautify your entire life, and this includes helping with your wardrobe, make-up, and hair.

If you call upon Archangel Jophiel to beautify your life, you’ll feel the urge to sell and donate the unwanted property. Her color is fuchsia and yellow. This, therefore, means that you are attracted to this female archangel if you start seeing sparkles or flashes of yellow or hot pink light and when these colors start attracting your attention.

After the ancient Asian room art organization, archangel Jophiel was also regarded as a Feng Shui angel. A well-organized environment has a strong effect on our energy levels, and Jophiel is quite conversant with this as it also affects our health, moods, and sleep patterns. The angel’s color is yellow and dark pink, while her gemstone or crystal is deep pink tourmaline.

Archangel Ariel – The Angel of Nature

Archangel Ariel is mentioned in the ancient apocryphal Judaic texts besides the mystical Judeo-Christian compositions as the underworld regulator and nature overseer. In her role as the underground regulator, Ariel presides over the aggressive existence of punishing individuals who go against God’s will and move to darkness.

Shakespeare typically immortalized archangel Ariel’s association with the spirit of nature, illustrating her as a tree sprite in The Tempest. In the play, the angel of nature gets some secret knowledge as she represents magician Prospero.

Who is Archangel Ariel?

Archangel Ariel also reminds you that you are important and possess the imaginative influence of power over your life. Besides, employing your thoughts, beliefs, various feelings, emotions, intentions, good or bad words help shape your life for the better. Ariel is evolving, and just like the rest of the female archangels, she rarely interferes with your life unless you ask for her help.

Ariel values any action you take on your terms and will let you learn your lessons until you invoke her presence. Archangel Ariel is usually willing and ready to assist in miraculous, practical, and magical ways upon asking her. Archangel Ariel will help align your vibrations and super-charging your intentions to any conscious desires to manifest in your life.

Part of the manifestation involves setting your intentions clear, and a small section of this is the lioness of confidence, courage, and strength to stand in power and roar. The best solution is moving out of your comfort zone in some situations and seek Ariel’s help in finding to have faith in yourself and go for whatever things you wish for in life and realize that the universe magically conspires with you.

Archangel Ariel continuously and naturally radiates divine presence and love with the source. She is the most uplifting among her female counterparts and will comfort you with divine love, healing, protection, and magic.

When to Invoke Archangel Ariel’s Presence

Archangel Ariel works in the union of Archangel Raphael as a healer, especially in helping fish, birds, and other animals. Ariel is accepted to pioneer blessed messengers’ virtues ensemble that oversees requests for the earthly universe, watching over the moon, sun, all the planets, and stars. This is why archangel Uriel is usually concern about environmental issues.

As the angel of nature, part of her mission is to ensure animals and people are correctly handled. Therefore, she works hand to make sure there’s adequate clean water, ideal shelter, healthy food, and other vital supplies. You can ask Archangel Ariel to help you access earthly requirements.

Archangel Ariel will also help you naturally interact with the universe happily and safely. When hiking or camping, you can invoke the presence of archangel Ariel as she will introduce you to nature’s invisible side when you ask her to come to your aid.

Seek out archangel Ariel for guidance when you yearn to connect with angels in the spiritual realm or other elemental forces. She will help you navigate through the spirit realm of nature and meet benevolent beings that cater to gardens, water creatures, trees, flowers, and parks. Plus, she can also aid in healing domestic and wild animals, fish, and birds. The archangel’s color is dark pink, and her gemstone or crystal is Rose quartz.

Archangel Haniel – The Angel of Intuition

Archangel Haniel

Haniel commands over the 7th and Netzach Sephirah consequential of God’s will in the Kabbalah. The field is associated with victory and contains the inner world of imagination, emotions, and intuitions. The Netzach Sephirah is the beginning of human beings’ free will and their expression of tenacity and endurance. It’s the incarnation of love on earth.

Archangel Haniel showcases her interior qualities on the outside as a full moon and other angelic entities who are Archangel Metatron, Raziel, and Cassiel also in the Kabbalah. Of all the female archangels, Haniel is the most mysterious and feminine. She was always admired right from the Babylonian era when astronomy was incorporated into religion.

When to Call Upon Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel helps you shape your clairvoyance and intuition when you call upon her, in addition to various aspects of sacred energy relating to females. It’s important to invoke archangel Haniel during the full moon when you would like to heal or release something. Haniel specifically handles women’s problems.

Archangel Haniel is typically a more caring guide for individuals willing to develop human spirit related talents like clairvoyance as she’s the expression of the inner world’s intuition. Her halo color is bluish-white, similar to that of the moon. Besides, wearing a moonstone helps boost intuitive transmissions and also connecting with Archangel Haniel.

Both men and women can benefit from connecting with archangel Haniel since women have masculine energy just like men have a feminine one. Archangel Haniel helps everyone awaken and trust their inner guidance. Her halo color is pale blue, while the gemstone or crystal is the moonstone.

Aurora – The Archangel of Peace

Archangel Aurora is also known as Archangel Uriel’s twin flame. They are both referred to as angels of peace. Aurora tells human beings how grateful she is for everything they do every day. She thanks people for hope, love, and striving to achieve better as the days go by. The twin flame acknowledges all the efforts human beings put in their day to day lives and those they continue to make. Both Archangel Aurora and Uriel are happy for us. Of all the female archangels, Aurora is the most grateful.

Archangel Uriel and Aurora encourage people not to be too hard on themselves as we are bound to make mistakes, distort meanings, misuse and miss some words, and wrongly perceive feelings.

The twin flame understands that there are situations where we feel like outbursts regardless of our age, lashing out, screaming, and crying. Archangels Uriel and Aurora emphasize that it’s quite normal. We should learn to love and not blame ourselves through the agony and pain without pointing fingers at anyone.

The twin flame says we are human beings, and we tend to process situations differently as they occur. In such instances, you can compare them to invitations to discover, observe, and grow. Human beings are advised not to be hard on themselves for growing and learning experiences. We are in this world to learn as we grow, which is the sole purpose of our existence. Every reaction should be an opportunity for growth.

Archangel Uriel and Aurora want us to know that it’s okay to feel incomplete. We need to realize that our souls were synchronized that way, and everything usually happens for a reason. When darkness comes to our lives, it tends to cultivate growth.

We should acknowledge that even the darkest times can bring ample light to our lives. We should lean towards the dark side and become one to transform it into light finally. In so doing, we have the entire universe in control and coexist as one. Darkness lets people create, expand, and flow.

When to Call Upon Archangel Aurora

You can invoke Archangel Aurora’s presence when you want to improve harmony in your relationships, boost self-love, self-satisfaction, and inner peace.

Archangel Faith – Archangel Michael’s Twin Flame

Of all the archangels, Faith is the most vigorous. She is generally recognized as an electric lightning bolt in blue. Her intentions and energy are supportive and gentle as she encourages people to tap on it and communicate with the faith energies within them.

Archangel Faith is usually present when you need her and helps you connect and have a great relationship with your inner trust. Faith will help you acknowledge, feel, and sense that God lives inside you, offering and guiding you. The archangel also keeps her presence around you at all times for as long as you live.

Archangel Faith is tasked to magnify your relationship with the Almighty creator to dissolve the feelings of anger, blame, divorce, fear, and doubt. This will help you stand in a better position to experience the beauty of God around and within you.

When you let go of anything that hinders your association with God, you will feel a warm glow of faith and trust filling and emerging your entire being. Some people say that it’s an electrical discharge that comes to their being because they can recognize, sense, and see with high lucidity that makes them feel enlightened, re-established, and realize the presence of God in their midst.

When to Call Upon Archangel Faith

Call upon archangel Faith to boost your confidence and increase your power. Both Archangel Michael and Faith are usually devoted. Invoke archangel’s Faith presence, especially when you criticize people for being different and see things differently. For the modern-day world’s conflicts and constant fights around the world, the angel emphasizes that our hearts are the same.

Archangel Faith also says that human beings choose how we see things in the world and others. We choose to speak, hear and see just like God the Almighty, and recognize that all human beings are the same. Archangel Faith says that if we could stop, look deeper beyond people’s exterior, and dismiss judgment, we could clearly see our fellow beings’ incredible beauty and their actual God-selves.

When you learn to see people beyond their exterior, you will be healed, perfect, and whole. Plus, you’ll make the world a better place to live in. When you lack Faith, any inspired action will be impossible.

Connecting with the Female Archangels

Female archangels are usually at a higher energy elevation. They respect people’s freedom of decision and never interfere in their lives unless you ask them to intervene. Here’s how to connect with these archangels:

Request for their inspiration and ideas – You can specifically request the archangels to reignite your imagination and brain to take action and also achieve clarity. Always do this when you feel your purpose in life is unclear. For instance, ask the archangel to give you ideas and inspiration to help you know, decide, and create your desires to take the next step.

Use the ‘I surrender” word – Surrendering is having faith in yourself, the universe, God, and the archangels and not a sign of weakness. Surrender to the archangels when you are not feeling okay or when nervous. All you need to do is seek their assistance. However, you don’t need to mention a specific archangel’s name and only present your requests.

If you want to direct your prayers to a specific archangel and know how you want her to impact your life, don’t hesitate to ask for help in that sphere of your life.

Always be ready – The words ‘I am ready’ are powerful manifestation intentions that you can use to request your heart desires from the archangels. Concentrate on your petitions without nagging and use positive phrases. Be attentive to ideas and opportunities that come your way and follow them after requesting.

Ask the archangels for resources and people that you’ll need to be successful. Tell the archangel to put you in the minds of your destiny connectors to help you realize your dreams.


You should know that female archangel come to aid men and women alike to coexist in union with the entire universe peacefully. All these can be achieved through prayer and meditation. Connect with these archangels if you want start attracting blessings and increase your spiritual level.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into these female archangels, consider exploring the book by Calista for insightful reading.

Love and Light!

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