Who is Archangel Remiel?

Who is Archangel Remiel?

Archangel Remiel, or Ramiel, appears in the Book of Enoch and is referred to as “God’s thunder”. Some people also call him the archangel of hope because you can invoke his presence when feeling sad or depressed.

Who is Archangel Remiel?

Archangel Remiel is also considered a Seraphim. However, this is a bit questionable since seraphs are other creatures in the heavenly realm. Seraphs are symbolic creature tasked with protecting the sacred throne.

Archangel Remiel is a fallen watcher, just like angel Sariel and Amenadiel.  A “fallen watcher” refers to an angel that was cast out of heaven after the battle between God and Satan. However, Remiel asked for forgiveness and took back his position in heaven.

Archangel Remiel stands close to God. Therefore, he is tasked with guiding departed souls into heaven. The archangel protects the throne together with other archangels in the heavenly realm.

Remiel Meaning

The word Remiel is a Hebrew word (רעמיאל) that means “mercy of God. This is why the archangel is sent to help those who feel distressed and sad.

Ramiel, or Remiel, is also loosely translated to “Lord of Souls Waiting for Resurrection” and “God raises up”.

Some people believe that archangel Remiel is Jeremiel based on other translations of his name. However, this is not true. Archangel Remiel and Archangel Jeremiel are two different entities.

Archangel Remiel Duties

Archangel Remiel is charge of seven other archangels.

His most important role is restoring harmony and caring for people in need. He is very powerful and should only be invoked when making important life changes. The archangel is also responsible for different divine visions.

When archangel Remiel is close by, you will hear a rumbling thunder from a distance.

Remiel in Islam

While not explicitly mentioned in the Quran, archangel Remiel is mentioned in various Islamic traditions. In Arabic, the word Remiel loosely translates to “thunder of God”.

He is the archangel who destroyed the armies of Sennacherib.

How to Recognize Archangel Remiel

Here are some of the characteristics that will help you recognize archangel Remiel and nourish your spiritual health;

#1.  Communicates Through Dreams

You can have a connection with archangel Remiel through dreams. You can do this by invoking his presence and reaching out to your subconscious before retiring to bed. When dreaming, focus on the signs the archangel will send you. This will help you get rid of imminent life troubles.

Archangel Remiel communicates through dreams and conveys messages using different symbols. If you don’t know what the symbols mean, ask for clarity the following day before you go to bed. You will need some guidance to master the divine meanings and interpretations of dreams. This can be done if you are unsure about your level of spirituality.

Communicating with archangel Remiel through dreams will also help to deepen your connection with him spiritually.

#2.  Spiritual Connection Companion

With archangel Remiel’s guidance, your spiritual health will improve significantly. The archangel provides divine visions that encourage and lead us to the right path of life. Archangel Remiel will see you through the entire process by increasing your spirituality and also deepening your connection with him since he can communicate with the spirit.

Be consumed with divine connection through archangel Remiel’s golden wings and allow his presence to surround your life with love. You only need to surrender and also have faith in Remiel’s magic. You will experience a waterfall of blessings and miracles taking your spiritual health to greater heights and a strong connection with everything around you.

#3.  Gift of Wisdom

Archangel Remiel’s presence is magnificent and can be recognized through a white light that surrounds him. Since he’s the archangel of hope, he can gracefully explore and restore balance in your life. Remiel will give you mental clarity and affectionately help you clear any doubts.

Archangel Remiel has thoughtful and deep brown eyes shining with hope and golden hair. He usually employs his power in influencing people’s perception thereby improving their wisdom. The wisdom you attain from this archangel will bring happiness and joy in your entire life and will also help you overcome any obstacle with ease.

#4.  Ease the Pain of Dying Souls

People invoke the presence of archangel Remiel to help ease the pain of a dying soul. Archangel Remiel plays a significant role in taking the departed souls to light and also facilitates their release. He will reduce the pain of loved ones who are still holding on and give the courage to let go.

Archangel Remiel removes the pain that comes with holding on and guides them to heaven. He takes the dying souls in peace eliminating further suffering.

#5.  Reviewing Your Current Life

Archangel Remiel will support you as you make difficult life decisions that may impact your future plans. He is a mentor and a teacher who will help you to see everything around you in the most loving way. The archangel will motivate you to learn from mistakes, solve problems, find encouragement, seek new directions and pursue healing.

Archangel Remiel usually conveys God’s messages full of hope to the distressed and discouraged. If you are troubled, you can ask him to help you understand what God intends you to do or review your life. He will take you on a journey of magical healing along the path of the sky’s light. He will also help you see the beautiful and fun-filled aspects of your life. Remiel will bring back memories of joy and pride in your mind as a reminder of the glory of God.

Archangel Remiel encourages growth by letting you look back at your life’s journey and all the lessons learnt along the way. He will highlight the times you were loving and patient, bringing out people’s reactions to your actions and emotions. He will ensure that you don’t hold on to old habits to promote your spiritual growth.

Archangel Remiel protects people by giving them signs to know those who have integrity and will help them grow spiritually. He will guide you into dropping old habits that can significantly affect your health in terms of spirituality. When you communicate with archangel Remiel, he will eliminate any obstacles to love especially within relationships.

Archangel Remiel Prayer

There are no specific steps and rituals when praying to archangel Remiel. He is always present when you ask for his help. Praying to archangel Remiel will help you have a strong connection with him to provide comfort and support all through the day.

You can use some words for guidance since praying to Remiel is not usually restricted to one prayer. However, it’s always best to make a personal prayer from within as it allows archangel Remiel to have a deeper understanding of your problems. Recite the following prayer when invoking the presence of archangel Remiel:

“Archangel Remiel, the holy one, protector of God’s throne, divine angel of dreams and visions. You come to the aid of troubled hearts, and for this, I am eternally thankful to God. Guide me to realize God’s intended purpose for me in life. Come to my aid in times of need and use your divine vision to always encourage me. Guide me in fixing my broken relationships. See me through the journey of healing myself and those around me. Give me a sign and point me in the right direction and help me get through any difficulties in life. Amen.”

Say the above prayer if you are troubled and need Archangel Remiel’s help. Praying to the archangel will help to establish a strong connection with him and your prayers will be answered. However, you need to be patient and consistent as it can take some time.

Ensure you recite archangel Remiel’s prayer regularly to improve your spiritual health.

Archangel Remiel’s prayer typically encourages people to spread love. Praying to him will make you realize that you are in no capacity to change people but can only choose how to react to what they do. This mindset helps nourish your spiritual health and stimulates healing.

Exhibiting love feelings will make you proud of yourself.


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