Who is Amenadiel in the Bible?

Who is Amenadiel in the Bible?

Many fans of the T.V series wonder who exactly was Amenadiel in the bible. Let’s talk about Amenadiel in the bible today. In the fiction T.V series known as Lucifer; he is the Archangel. The series is quite interesting as it dives deeper into the stories of the mightiest archangels and the angelic realm.

Most parts of the series are typically storytelling based on the behind the scenes creativity. However, they drew their inspiration for the movie creation from ancient and biblical scriptures.

We encourage you to watch this series if you are a firm believer of the archangels and God. But it will jog your brain a little. Amenadiel is a unique character in the movie and plays a leading role. If you have already watched it, you will have similar thoughts in the beginning.

Let’s focus on the description, character, and personality of Amenadiel in the movie and not spoil for individuals who are yet to watch. We’ll also compare to an existing archangel and who Amenadiel is based on. First, who is Amenadiel in the bible?

Amenadiel can’t be found in the bible. There’s no information about him, but the ancient Christian and Judaic texts have a few mentions of him. The bible has very little information regarding the angelic realm, but the fact that it doesn’t mention Amenadiel doesn’t necessarily rule out his existence.

There are two ancient texts with information about who Amenadiel could be. The first text is newer than the other; let’s look at these writings:


Everything written in this book is about magic. It’s one of the most important texts talking about demons in Christianity. The text anonymous and written in the XVII century. In this text, Amenadiel is referred to as the East King commanding several inferior spirits and more than a thousand dukes. The text describes Amenadiel as a demon of night and day with a prominent black aura.

The Book of Enoch

The book of Enoch is an old Judaic text containing lots of information about the angelic hierarchy and divine realm, as earlier explained. It additionally features more details on Amenadiel, the fallen angel. Here, he’s described as a rebel for wanting to create his kingdom without God, the father.

According to the ancient text, Archangel Michael defeated Amenadiel and was then sent to hell together with all the angels that had a hand in the revolt.

Amenadiel in the Lucifer Series

In the Lucifer Series, Amenadiel is a seraph; a pure God created being of love and light. He was among the first creations and was as powerful as Lucifer and superior to some of his brothers. Heaven has several spheres, and he was the leader of one of the levels, the thrones. He is said to be a mighty warrior, a loyal servant of both God and humanity. Amenadiel was dedicated to fulfilling God’s plan and the entire creation’s harmony.

Most fans believe Archangel Metatron is Amenadiel since he’s among the top archangels in the Judaic canon. It’s also because he’s benevolent with human beings and extremely powerful. However, this hypothesis is not entirely accurate as in the series canon, Amenadiel is the first creation of God and Metatron was human before becoming an angel.

Amenadiel is a mighty warrior

Amenadiel is naturally a warrior of heaven, and his vocation to the battle is one of his essential characteristics. He’s also the most powerful character of the series Lucifer after God. He only fulfills God’s will even when asked to kill or face dangerous demons and enemies, thus not compassionate.

Now, looking at the most powerful archangels, St Michael the Archangel fits the above description. He is also naturally a warrior, dresses in a sword and armor regardless of the others.

St Michael the Archangel is also said to be among God’s first creations and the most powerful of all the archangels. However, this description also matches Amenadiel and cannot be Archangel Michael since he appears in the movie as Michael Demiurgos.

Loyal to God

Amenadiel always seeks loyalty and fidelity to God about everything. In the series, he comes to earth under God’s orders to convince Lucifer to go back to hell. Michael was also known to undertake complicated tasks that only God assigned to those He trusted in the ancient scriptures and history. For instance, in Daniel 12: the old testament says Israel was protected from St Michael the Archangel’s spiritual attacks. We can notice how similar the two characters are in their level of loyalty and fidelity to God.


From the above laid down facts, we can confidently say that Amenadiel is a combination of Archangel Michael and ancient texts’ description. However, it’s not biblically correct to assume that Archangel Michael and Amenadiel are the same people.

In both the series and the bible, St Archangel Michael and Amenadiel are two different people. Many Lucifer series fans have been wondering about this mystery to date. We applied the knowledge we have about the character Amenadiel and the angelic realm to come up with a conclusive answer to this question. However, there is still some uncertainty.

If you love drama and are passionate about archangels, the Lucifer series will be a great entertainment source. Remember, the movie is a fiction story on significant Archangels. You shouldn’t take it seriously or let it affect your integral Christian beliefs.

The fiction series is purely for entertainment purposes and will intrigue you about how far human beings can create excellent drama stories.

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