Who is Mazikeen in the Bible?

Who is Mazikeen in the Bible?

If you watch the TV show Lucifer, you may be wondering who is Mazikeen in the Bible. According to the TV show, Mazikeen is a fiery demon that has everyone wondering where she comes from.

So, who is Mazikeen in the Bible? This article will attempt to answer this question.

Fans of the Lucifer TV show already know Mazikeen. In the show, Mazikeen is a demon that followed Lucifer from hell when he came to earth. The demon is loyal to Lucifer and plays a major role in the story.

However, something has to be said before we go any further: The Lucifer TV show is a work of fiction. The story is from the imagination of the writers.

This said, Mazikeen and prominent characters in the show has some origins either in the Bible or various ancient religious texts.

Who is Mazikeen in the Bible?

Mazikeen does not have solid roots in the Christian Bible. However, the demon is mentioned in various ancient texts that some early Christians and Jews considered holy.

To find out who is Mazikeen in the Bible, we have to compare her character with that of other similar well-known bible figures. This is the case with other characters of the show, such as Amenadiel.

Mazikeen in Lucifer TV Show

In the Lucifer TV series, Mazikeen (usually referred to as Maze) is a soulless archdemon. The character is Lucifers top confidant from the underworld and her mother is Lilith.

In the TV show, Maze is often depicted as the most brutal punisher and torturer in hell. The demon is a member of the ‘Lilim’, which is a class of powerful archdemons that were born of Lilith. If you are not sure who Lilith is, continue reading for an explanation.

In Lucifer Season 2 Episode 4 (Lady Parts), we get to know more about Maze. In the episode, we learn that the demon was made in the depths of hell and her work is to torture the guilty for all eternity.

Now that we know who Maze is in Lucifer series, let’s find out who she is in the Bible.

Mazikeen in the Bible and Other Religious Texts

Generally, the character of Maze is developed from Biblical and mythological ideas. However, there is no specific and undeniable reference to the demon in the Bible. The same can be said of the mighty Goddess and Amenadiel in the Lucifer TV show.

Mazikeen in the Old Testament

The Old Testament of the Christian bible does not devote a lot of attention to describing demons. According to the text, people who make sacrifices to other beings other than the true God are engaging in demonic activities.

According to the text, demons are implied to be rife with corruption. When we look at Mazikeen’s character in Lucifer, we see that this description does not fit her.

Mazikeen in Ancient Religious Texts

We can also get more inferences to Mazikeen in the ancient religious texts of Talmud and Midrash.

The Talmud is an intergenerational rabbinic conversation that was published by Rabbi Judah, the Patriarch in the land of Israel. The text is largely about law and structure in Judaism.

The text contains a Hebrew word ‘Mazzikin’, which literally means ‘damagers’ or ‘those who harm’. The word is used in the Talmud to describe those who cause great harm or inconveniences. The Mazikeen name was probably derived from this Hebrew term.

Diving deep into mythology, it’s clear that Mazikeen does not refer to a single demon but a group of Jewish demons. The demons can be likened to the Arabian djinns or mischievous elves, rather than the way Christians think of demons.

According to the Jewish rabbis, demons were the children of Adam and Lilith. This information is found in both the Talmud and the Midrash. We can know see where the writers of the Lucifer TV show got the idea that Mazikeen was the daughter of Lilith.

To better understand Mazikeen, we need some information about her mother, Lilith.

Lilith, the Mother of Mazikeen

From the story of Lilith, we are provided with two instances of creation of humanity. The first creation is recorded on Genesis 1:27 while the second one is recorded in Genesis 2:7-22.

In the first creations story, man and woman are created equally. So, Adam is created together with his wife, Lilith. However, along the way, Lilith is expelled from the garden of Eden because she does not fit the ideal companion of Adam.

When Lilith is expelled, Adam is made to fall into a deep sleep and Eve is created from his ribs. This is the second story of creation.

Sometime after Lilith is expelled from the garden of Eden, she is cursed to become a demon. This may be point of entry of Mazikeen in the Lucifer show. However, what is clear in the show is that Mazikeen is a demon whose mother is Lilith.

Demons in the New Testament

The Old Testament does not provide a lot of insight or description into who demons are and what they do. However, in the gospels found in the New Testament, we find information on the origin and concepts of demons.

In the gospels, we find stories that provide insights into what demons are like. For example, in some of the stories, the demons recognize Jesus and submit to his power. These beings are unclean, do not have physical form, and can possess people.

While Maze in the Lucifer TV series may not seem much like a ‘spirit’, you must have seen other demons in the show that can possess people.

The character and features of Maze and other demons in the Lucifer TV show seem to have been derived from the descriptions of demons as found in the New Testament.

Dante’s Inferno

Another text that possibly explains who Mazikeen is Dante’s Inferno. This is not an ancient religious text. Rather, it is a 14-century epic poem written by the Italian writer, Dante Alighieri. The text is part of his epic poem, Divine Comedy.

In Dante’s Inferno, the writer takes us through the experiences of Dante as he tours hell. In hell, Dante sees demons inflicting pain and punishing the damned souls. The demons seem to be in specific areas of hell.

The description of the demons fits well with how the formless figures are presented in Lucifer TV show.

Mazikeen Character

Many Lucifer TV series fans love Mazikeen. She is complex and has impressive fighting skills.

In the show, Mazikeen is Lucifer’s foot soldier and the oldest of hell’s demons. The demon followed Lucifer to earth when he abandoned his throne in hell. On earth, she works as a bartender at Lucifer’s club known as Lux-Lucifer.

If you’ve not watched Lucifer, you will love the martial arts skills Mazikeen displays in the show.


From all the research we’ve done, we can say that Mazikeen in Lucifer TV show is sports characters from different courses.

But who is Mazikeen in the Bible?

Well, there is no direct character in the Bible that we can attribute Mazikeen to.

The Mazikeen in the Lucifer TV series is a complex character that has been formed by the writers by picking attributes of characters in various religious and ancient text writings.

What we are sure though is that the Mazikeen name is derived from the Hebrew word Mazzikin. But the definite character in the Lucifer show is definitely a fictional character from the imagination of the show’s script writers.

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