Theta State of Mind

Theta healing technique was developed by Vianna Stibal in 1995. It focuses on certain medication methods and spiritual philosophies typically invented to help people get rid of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts in their minds. It’s these kinds of things that hold people to their insecurities and fear.

The theta healing medication process is meant to bring people closer to God and the angels as they relate with them. The healing isn’t linked to a particular religious belief since everyone has their own idea of God which is always valid.

Through our different life experiences, we may bring limiting energies and negative thoughts in our lives unknowingly and that is what theta healing is built on. We sometimes tend to hold certain ideas in our bodies and minds limiting our ability to co-exist peacefully with ourselves and others too. Whether it’s personal insecurities, fear, or other different ideas, holding onto the fears can result in psychic pain that will eventually manifest as physical and emotion pain or disability.

Theta healing can heal physical and psychic pain in our bodies. By learning the right medical techniques people can get rid of the chains which tie them to negative thoughts. Theta healing can also help clear your mind since that’s where personal healing, spiritual growth and learning occurs.

Why It’s Important to Have a Theta State of Mind

Technically, the brain has brainwaves with different frequencies. Brainwaves come about as a result of pulses on neurons on the brain usually affected by different behaviors, thoughts, and actions. You can measure brainwaves by electroencephalogram or EEG but from a technical point of view, a theta state of mind measures the frequency between 4 to 7 Hz. In simple terms, this is the state that typically exists between wakefulness and sleep especially when lying in bed.

Sometimes when lying idly in bed, our thoughts tend to drift from consciousness to subconsciousness and the thoughts in this case can be deep. This state can be described as a theta state of mind. When it comes theta healing, the idea is usually lowering the frequency of the brain for the person to hit a theta state of mind or theta frequency for longer. Besides, you can experience personal growth while in this state of mind.

The theta state or frequency usually unlocks the mind where creativity, intuition, and emotions live and divinity communication happens. This means, when we use proper meditative tools, we can experience relaxation and also encourage physical and spiritual healing, contentment, and personal growth.

Learning to Take Part in Theta Healing

It takes a lot of practice to get into a theta state of mind for meditation process. You can get to the seventh sphere of existence and easily connect with St. Michael the archangel and other major archangels with certain meditative techniques. Healing usually occurs in this space and it also has amazing energy.

The theta healing scope is quite wide but it would help if you start by learning different meditation techniques. The entire meditation process helps us get outside of ourselves by conceptualizing travel all through the cosmos and further through an opening that leads to the divine realm.

Some people see the archangels in flesh while others experience a physical energy manifestation or a bright light during the day after praying and meditating. However, how the angel appears to you is not quite important but finding a location to easily connect with them and attract their aura.

If you are not familiar with this meditation techniques, employing other outside triggers and influences will be of great help especially in learning other easier ways of getting into a theta state of mind. Most people use binaural beats or metronome for mental clarity, relaxation and focus. It’s always important to relax, be at peace, have a clear conscience and concentrate on your breathing. You should also pay close attention to how the body responds when you breath in and out. Try to free your mind of intrusive ideas and thoughts and only listen to your breathing sound. Take into account how the body reacts when you breath out after filling the lungs with air. As you get to the meditative state, the mind drifts to deep thoughts compared to how it feels when you lie in bed and fall between wakefulness and sleep.

Simple Theta Healing Prayer and Meditation

There are simple guided prayers that will help you get to a higher enlightenment level and have a strong connection with beautiful divine entities when you are finally comfortable with meditating. Once you exist in the theta sphere and reach the divine energy, you will heal past wounds, develop a creative mind. You will also heal anything that gets in your way and prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Your words don’t have to be precise or perfect. Theta prayer usually focuses on becoming centered, connecting with God’s divine energy and feeling the love that the archangels and God have for humans. When you get comfortable slithering in and out of the theta state of mind, you will also learn to put focus on your meditation and thoughts to achieve your life goals, have a positive energy, and live in love. Your choice of words in that state could be your simple theta healing prayer.

Your Existence in the Theta Sphere

After practicing the meditation techniques and knowing exactly how to get into a theta state of mind, most people realize that extending the period of being in this state when you are sick, stressed, or worried is quite beneficial. Plus, it impacts the physical body positively, helps clear the mind and also promotes relaxation.

You need a lot of practice to be able to reach a theta state of mind easily and quickly voluntarily just like in lucid dreaming. However, once you get comfortable slipping in and out of this state, you will always experience all the benefits that come with theta healing.

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