The Top Ten Rules of Jewish Dating

The Top Ten Rules of Jewish Dating

1.       Be fully who you are.

If you want to meet your soulmate, you first have to be willing  to meet your own soul. When you marry the right person, that person will encourage you to be the best you can be. The more fully you develop who you are, the more likely it is that you will attract a mate who will appreciate you. The time you are given before you are married is a special time for growth. Use this time to develop yourself into the kind of partner you want to be, and to attract to yourself.

2.       Soulmates are two halves of a soul. If half the soul is Jewish, the other half is also Jewish.

There are no exceptions. If you cut an apple in half and hide one half, forever and always, its other half will be apple – not orange, not pear, not egg. The whole soul is male and female. If you are male, your soulmate is female. If you are female, your soulmate is male.

You may be attracted to people who are not Jewish. You might be attracted to someone of the same gender.  But those people can never be your true soulmates, the one that G-d chose for you before you were born.  This is not any one person’s opinion. This is Torah law and the wisdom of the Jewish mystical tradition as it has been handed down for thousands of years.

3.       First define your own goals.

Then look for someone who has the same goals.

Successful marriages are focused on the things both partners have in common. Your lives should be moving in the same general direction. Make sure your goals and values are not on a collision course. You don’t have to have all of the same interests but you do need to respect each other’s differences.

4.       Never judge a person on the first date.

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