This is about getting joy. It is about collecting joy for the entire year.  Don’t let your mind get involved.  Just be happy! Just dance in circles until you can’t take anymore.


The most important promise the Zohar makes about Simchat-Torah is that if we’re happy, chaos MUST disappear from our lives.


As everyone knows, we go through the Torah throughout the year, reading a portion each week, using it as a manual for life.  We try to understand it and we use it to redesign our lives.  By Simchat Torah, we are at the end of the Torah.  So this weekend, we will read the last portion.  But we also read the very first portion as well.  Why do we read both the last and the first portions in the same Shabbat?  The Zohar says that we end and begin in the same day because in life, you can never say you’re “done.”  There is continuity.


The Torah never ends because we need the power of continuity.  The same is true in life.  We can benefit from all of it – the good and the bad things.


A person can never say, “I don’t do drugs any more, it’s over.”  Or “I’m divorced, it’s over.”  You can’t create a vacuum where something once was; you can only fill it in with something else.  Whenever you think you can say something is done or over– that is a clear sign that  it isn’t.  Why? Can you say you’re “done with drugs?”  Never!  What about the effect they had?  That’s never gone.  When you did drugs, it affected your body, your brain cells, your family, and your career… You might not do drugs anymore, but they are still there because the effects are there.  And what if drugs caused you to come to spirituality – that’s an effect.  Do you want to really be over drugs?  Because that means you’re over spirituality, too.


When you say something is over, it’s a real problem because it means that you’re not aware that it’s still there.  And if you’re not aware, you’ll never be able to control it.  You have to know its still affecting you.  It’s not real that things end, and if you think they do, then it just means you don’t get it.


The last letter in the last portion of the Torah is a lamed, and the first letter of the first portion is a bet.  This spells “Lev”, which means heart.  All the holidays up until now have been about the head – about understanding what we need to change, thinking, figuring out, and seeing.


This holiday – to the heart, not the head – which is the expression of?  Our soul.  It’s not about analyzing.  Lots of holidays are about understanding; this is the only one about the heart.


Simchat Torah provides us with a window of opportunity – its energy appears in the universe once a year.   It means “the happiness (or joy) of the Torah.”


What does “joy of the Torah” mean?  We can receive universe the power of joy and happiness in the universe.  Interestingly, happiness scares some people.  Many people aren’t even clear what it is.  Can you even be happy?  We know we can be happy about certain things, or happy in certain moments, but can you be totally happy?  All the time?


The reason happiness scares us has to do with how we define it.  What do? you mean am I happy?  Now?  Because of what?  And relative to what?   What does happiness even mean?  Decide this week.


For most of us, happiness is a reaction to something or someone.  We can smile or laugh, but are we happy?  Is laughing a true connection to happiness?


What makes a person happy?  When the Twin Towers fell, were we supposed to feel joy?  What if a person suffers great pain or loss?  Are you just supposed to be happy? Is someone supposed to be happy if they are raped? God forbid?  What is the field of energy of joy?  Will chaos just disappear? Truly, if you were happy all the time, even during tragedy, people would probably want to lock you up.


According to the Zohar, happiness is an energy field in the universe. In moments of chaos, you feel fear, anger, jealousy, or other things. But in other times, you feel happiness. But the Torah says that even if you have chaos in your life, you’re supposed to be happy. Most people don’t want to give up their unhappiness, though. They worked hard for it!  They want to wallow in it. You’re supposed to just be happy? People don’t get that. Most people think they have to hold on to their chaos just for a few more minutes, or years, or decades. Even in those moments of chaos, be happy.


This week, we learn that we can erase chaos from our cassettes (both past lives and current) with happiness. People can even overcome physical deformities and problems with happiness.  You just have to be happy about it! You just need to be happy on one day? YES.


Simchat Torah is a situation in which we enter an energy field of joy. A marriage is created between the flawless universe and us. If there is a situation later on in the year where we experience chaos – think about bringing out the happiness you captured on Simchat Torah. Call upon it and release it to bring in joy.


To understand what it is to be happy and not react to experiences, you have to know how to do it.  You need to understand how and why it works. Want to know what you have to do on Simchat Torah? – Walk around in circles, sing, and dance. That’s it. That’s the way to plant the seed of happiness for a whole year.

Why on this day?  And why can’t you walk in a straight line instead of a circle?   There’s a reason.


There are two aspects to every human being – two kinds of Light – Inner Light and Encircling Light (or surrounding light.)  On this day, we’re bringing out both.  What are they?


1)    Inner Light is energy you have within you.  In regard to your body, think of it as a straight line running through you from your head to your toes, top to bottom.  Inner Light nourishes the body – it keeps us going and alive. It’s what makes us wake up in the morning.  But it doesn’t protect us, provide us with miracles, or push us forward in life.  It’s our good intentions and desires, but not the action – it doesn’t make anything actually happen.


2)    Encircling Light is what surrounds you.  Imagine this light as a bubble or circle that surrounds you.  It is a perimeter of about 80 inches that extends about 18 inches from all points of your body.  It’s an energy field that protects you.  You can see it in high definition photography that shows auras, or some people can even see them.  If you put your hand close to someone and you can feel it.  The more spiritual you are, the farther away you can stand and still feel it, but as you get closer, it becomes more physical so you can feel it more.  It’s an energy field.


There are some people who have a lot of encircling light – these are people who you love to be around.  It can also be that someone’s energy is so negative that it can contaminate a whole building – even if he doesn’t say or do anything!


When you don’t have Encircling Light, you have to live only with Inner Light.  This creates an opening for problems, and when they come, you don’t have enough energy to overcome them.  There are certain signs that have less Encircling Light than others.  These people usually feel more pressure and can tend to have addictions.  It’s all a part of their correction.


Inner Light keeps a person alive, but it doesn’t help you change or overcome anything.  It’s only 10% of our energy, whereas encircling light is 90%.


The essence of Simchat Torah is to connect to your own circle of energy – your own 80 inches of Encircling Light to create Inner Light.  You can reach out and tap into your circular energy field and bring it all in to give you control of miracles and wonders!  And you do it through the physical act of walking in circles.


On Simchat Torah, you can build your surrounding light up more. Simchat Torah is for those who make the choice to inject the energy of joy and push away the chaos – in marriage, in having kids, in business, in anything.


If you are happy, chaos disappears.  If there is darkness, what do you need to do to inject in the Light?  Just flip a switch.


All the blessings and joy in the world to all of you!  May this be the best year of your lives – full of happiness, joy, and no chaos.



In Summary, here is the big picture about the holidays:


Rosh Hashanah is like filming your life’s movie.  It only takes two days to film all the footage.  Then you have 10 days (until Yom Kippur) to do the editing.  They are the days of repentance.  During these days, you manifest the connection you made at Rosh Hashanah.  You have to behave perfectly, as if you’re being watched!  On Yom Kippur, Satan takes a vacation.  It’s our day without him, so we can sneak into his vault and steal the files he has on us and erase them.


From Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur you’re dealing with judgment and cleansing. Then Yom Kippur is the highest day, and it’s not about asking God for forgiveness as if he’s angry with us.  That’s not a quality of the Light.  It’s about removing the spiritual corks or blockages that you have.  On this day, you don’t want your body involved in any way with your spirituality, so you remove yourself from physical pleasures like eating, bathing, sex, drinking, etc.  You shrink what your body gets to bring yourself to the highest level of enlightenment.  This stays with you for the whole year.  It’s the energy of judgment.


After Yom Kippur, it’s about the energy of sharing.  On Sukkot, you get Inner Light and encircling Light.  The Sukkah is actually a structure that helps you get Light.  This is also about protecting yourself from your environment.  On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, you can clean yourself, but what about other people?  If you’re driving on a freeway alone, you can ensure you won’t have an accident, but what if the other driver is careless or drunk?  You should be in the Sukkah as much as you can to capture the encircling Light.  But you have to have the right consciousness to gain it.


Sukkot is like the premier of the movie you filled and edited, but instead of the starring actors coming to see it, you invite the tzaddikim – the righteous Abraham, Moshe, etc.


Hashanah Raba and Simchat Torah is when your movie goes to the theater.  These are the days of Joy.


This whole process, which may seem hard, is all a test to ensure you have a perfect year.  Thank God we have it…


Blessings and Light!

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