Signs Archangel Michael Is Near You & is Your Personal Healer

Signs Archangel Michael Is Near You & is Your Personal Healer

Archangel Michael is a powerful archangel name in the bible. He leads the army of God and holds a higher rank compared to other major archangels. The angel is known to fight Lucifer and other rebels in the angelic realm taking them to hell and viciously defending heaven’s gates. Besides, he’ll play a significant role when the world ends on the last battle when apocalypse happens. Archangel Michael is also known to offer protection against Archons and other evil entities that tend to feed from people’s energy.

Most of us confuse archangel Michael and Uriel since they both have divine armors and huge powerful swords. The sword and armor qualify him as a warrior archangel and is usually called upon for protection from deadly enemies.

You need to pray and mediate a lot to have a strong connection with archangels. However, Archangel Jophiel is always closer to human beings on full moon. Besides, connecting with her is not quite easy as you’ll need to perform certain rituals and this requires technics and different practices to establish a supernatural contact. However, the hardness and ease with which you connect with these beautiful entities in the divine realm solely relies on your personality. Here are some the signs that show Archangel Michael is your personal healer:

1. You Have Strong Convictions Just Like Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael’s warrior nature comes to play especially when he talks about convictions. He is strict and takes his morals and honor quite seriously. Think about how you react when you are tempted or when your morals and convictions are questioned.  Can you discern good from bad?

2. You Always Defend People Against Injustices

Do you walk away and continue with your business if you see victims of injustice or someone being outraged since it has nothing to do with you? Will you speak up to defend someone or keep silent? Archangel Michael is known to protect people that’s why those with similar character find connecting with him quite easy. In many circumstances, the angel uses such people to protect their brothers and materialize.

3. You Are Persistent

You have a strong connection with St. Michael the archangel if you never give up until you achieve your goals and are persistent.

4. Michael’s Dominant Behavior

If you don’t like to be controlled but love controlling, you certainly have a connection with Michael as a major archangel in the divine realm. St. Michael the Archangel easily connects with the most dominant people since being authoritative is a significant characteristic for a warrior to lead an army.

5. Archangel Michael Warrior Intellect, Quite Hard to Remember Things

Generally, instinct personalities usually have bad memories and most warrior minds are driven by emotions. That’s why emotional people who act without thinking of what lies ahead, or those without a photographic memory could be warrior intellects and are likely to have a strong connection with archangel Michael. What’s more, Archangel Zadkiel can also help raise your intellect.

6. Perfectionists

Are you good at what you do, and like your results to be perfect? If you are a perfectionist of any kind, be it cooking, playing football, or even singing, you have a higher chance of connecting with archangel Michael.

7. You Face Your Fears and Enemies

Do you face your enemies or prefer to lock yourself out? Are you afraid of heights but make bungee jumps? You are conservative but sometimes take chances to overcome your fears of failing. Well, connecting with St. Michael the archangel is easier if you have this type of personality as it’s typical of him.

Don’t worry if you don’t match this personality description as you can connect with other archangels in the heavenly realm and attract a waterfall of blessings and prosperity to your life. For instance, archangels Barachiel and Raguel along with Chamuel in a specific way will help fix your relationship. It’s important to note that all archangels in heaven have different functions and purposes.

Archangel Michael Prayer

You can connect with St. Michael the archangel or call upon him when praying and meditating if you feel your personality complements that of the angel. You should also remember that connecting with archangel Michael is quite hard since you require high energy levels, positive vibrations, and enlightenment. However, those whose personalities matches his find it easy to connect with him through reciting a simple prayer as it’s enough to invoke his presence.

You will feel a burning sensation on your hands and in the head and your legs will tremble a bit when St. Michael the archangel shows his face to you when praying. If you have any of these feelings, it typically means that your vibrations of spiritual energy are perfectly in sync with his. This tends to happen faster and quite easily when your personality characteristics complement that of St. Michael the archangel as explained earlier.

Recite the following prayer if you are looking to establish a strong connection with St. Michael the archangel:

Oh, Archangel Michael, protect and surround me with your light to keep me secure at all times. Stay close to me. Order my steps, activities, and every word that comes out of my mouth to always originate from an adoration point of view. Make my vibration and energy clear of any negative convictions and musings, getting rid of fears and self-restricting beliefs if it’s not too much to ask. Help me experience bliss, love, and light available in every second in totality. Guide and elevate me to be the best version of myself. Please, keep me encircled in your aura and protect me (State your request mentioning things you want St. Michael the archangel to protect you from). For this I pray; Prince of the thrones in heaven, God’s army patron. Amen

Lower your expectations if you don’t get results immediately after reciting this prayer for the first time. You should be patient and make a habit of praying and mediating to heighten your spiritual levels as it helps synchronize your soul and aura to a higher realm of consciousness. Discover your personality details and your path of life by looking deeper into the science of numbers. Knowing your soul and spiritual numbers is usually important to unlock a waterfall of blessings and abundance into your life.

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