Archangel Uriel

Of the seven archangel’s names, Uriel is among the most sort after name for boys. You will realize that there’s more to it as highlighted in this article. Uriel loosely translates to God is my light in ancient texts. The archangel is said to be part of the heavenly staff together with Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael surrounding God’s divine throne which is the most powerful rank in the spiritual realm.

Archangel Uriel as Described in the Bible

The Hebrew bible doesn’t talk about Archangel Uriel anywhere just like his other counterparts. Traditionally, the archangels are not referred to by their names. There are several manifestations and of different archangels in the Christian bible in both the old and new testaments but they were not called by their names.

Archangel Uriel is mentioned in apocryphal and kabbalistic texts as the light of God in the book of Enoch and was appointed different purposes and works. Archangel Uriel doesn’t show love and compassion in Peter’s apocalypse when doing his job sometimes challenging tasks unlike Chamuel and Barachiel who are full of mercy and empathy. All angels in heaven are assigned different duties and Uriel is no exception.

Archangel Uriel Signs

The flaming sword is one of the most compelling symbols of archangel Uriel. Archangel Uriel and Michael have a striking resemblance in the weapons they use. He is known to carry all the stars in the entire universe and also possess an electric ambience and this is why people associate him with thunder and storm.

Archangel Uriel protects the garden of Eden as stated in Apocrypha. He holds God’s torch and carries the flames as well. The dark paths of the troubled and confused are lightened when the flames blow. When taking on the most challenging tasks, archangel Uriel is usually driven by wisdom. Let’s talk about some of his mysterious secrets and the role he plays the future apocalypse.

#1.  The Role of Archangel Uriel in the Ancient Greek Text

Presiding over hell or Tartarus is among his most significant roles as he pursues sinner’s punishment. The penalty is usually brutal as sinners are consumed in everlasting fire and blasphemers hanged by the tongues over voracious fires.

It’s common knowledge that souls that perish before judgement day go to hell first in worldly suffering. In the Apocalypse, Archangel Uriel is tasked to collect all those souls before the seat of judgement breaking Hell’s bronze gates.

#2.  Archangel Uriel Was the First Mortal Being

Uriel was known as Jacob and referred to as an angel of darkness and became mortal in the 700th generation. In Joseph’s prayer archangel Uriel also mentions that he was to be called Jacob and came back on earth to dwell among men. The above statement therefore shows how archangel Uriel transformed to a human being which goes into record as the first occurrence of an angel transforming to a mortal. The insight also helps us understand some of archangel Uriel’s most obscure secrets.

#3.  Archangel Uriel is the Apocalypse Messenger

Uriel held a high rank in the angelic realm which means he had crucial information on future occurrences that no one knew about. Archangel Uriel delivers apocalypse messages to faithful’s that share a strong bond with him and Christ too. Just like he let Noah know of the impending floods, he can equally warn people about different catastrophes, crisis, and pandemic that will happen in future. Sylvia Browne, a physic, prophesized the corona virus pandemic that hit the world at large and asserted to have a powerful connection with the angel.

#4.  Archangel Uriel Cares About Lucifer

Most angels and archangels in the heavenly realm affirm that Lucifer can’t be saved. However, Archangel Uriel believes that Lucifer has some good left in his heart and is only a subject consumed by resentment and rage.

Archangel Uriel believes Lucifer just like everybody else who has fallen short of God’s glory deserves acceptance and a little bit of love. When Lucifer was imprisoned, Uriel would offer counselling and also provide food for him. Besides, the two share a special connection as Lucifer shows affection towards archangel Uriel compared to his other counterparts.

#5.  Archangel Uriel Made the Earth Flood to Do Away with Human- Angel Transformations

It was quite normal for angels to get human wives then procreate during the times of Noah. However, Uriel asked for divine intervention since he didn’t like the idea and wanted to do away with human-angel mutations on earth. Archangel Uriel spoke up against the matter and even asked to be in charge of carrying out the vital divine actions.

Archangel Uriel was not impressed by the angelic genes resulting from angels and humans mating producing giant hybrid giants. With the afore-mentioned unions, the human wives were considered culpable of defiling those angels. However, the angels who aberrated their beings by having a sexual connection with humans suffered the real consequences.

The hybrid giants were abominations and that’s when the idea of flooding the earth for cleansing purposes came to be. During the flood, all angels that had any sexual relationships with humans died as it was a total purge both in heaven and on earth. The book of Enoch also mentions that the women who mated with the angels will become sirens. The angels on the other hand will be judged harshly till they die.

Archangel Uriel Signs

Seeing signs from Archangel Uriel can be a profound experience, indicating his presence and guidance in your life. Some signs associated with Uriel include:

  • Number 16. The number 16 is often linked to Uriel, symbolizing wisdom, introspection, and positive life changes. If you frequently encounter this number, it may be a sign from Uriel encouraging you to seek deeper understanding and transformation.
  • Vivid Dreams and Insights. Uriel is known for bestowing wisdom and knowledge. If you experience vivid dreams or sudden insights after seeking Uriel’s guidance, it could be a sign of his influence guiding you towards greater understanding.
  • A Passion for Learning. Feeling a strong desire to learn new things, especially spiritual or philosophical topics, can be a sign that Uriel is urging you to expand your knowledge and broaden your perspective.
  • Sense of Clarity and Direction. Working with Uriel may bring about a sense of clarity and direction in your life. You may feel more confident in your goals and decisions, guided by Uriel’s wisdom and guidance.

It’s important to trust your intuition and discernment when interpreting these signs, as they can vary in their meanings for different individuals.

What is Archangel Uriel Known For

Archangel Uriel is revered as the angel of wisdom, knowledge, and transformation. His attributes include:

  • Wisdom and Understanding. Uriel assists in gaining knowledge, understanding complex situations, and making wise decisions.
  • Guidance Through Transformation. He guides individuals through life transitions, helping them learn from experiences and embrace personal growth and transformation.
  • Problem-Solving. Uriel aids in finding creative solutions to challenges, offering insights and clarity to overcome obstacles.
  • Open-Mindedness. He encourages open-mindedness, acceptance of new ideas, and embracing diverse perspectives for personal and spiritual growth.

Connecting with Archangel Uriel allows individuals to seek guidance on their spiritual journey, gain clarity on life’s challenges, and embrace positive transformations in various aspects of their lives.

What Does the Bible Say About Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is not explicitly mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). However, some traditions and interpretations associate Uriel with angelic figures mentioned in cryptic passages. For example:

  • Guardian of the Garden of Eden. Uriel is sometimes connected with the angel who guards the entrance to the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve’s expulsion (Genesis 3:24).
  • Raziel in Jewish Mysticism. In certain interpretations of Jewish mysticism, Uriel is linked to the angel named “Raziel,” associated with divine secrets, wisdom, and hidden knowledge.

It’s essential to note that these connections are not universally accepted, and biblical references to Uriel are subject to interpretation and scholarly debate.

Archangel Uriel in Islamic Traditions

In Islamic angelology, there is no direct equivalent to Archangel Uriel. The focus is primarily on figures like Gabriel (Jibril), Michael (Mika’il), and Israfil, who holds significance in Islamic teachings.

However, some Islamic mystical traditions may mention figures with qualities similar to Uriel, emphasizing knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. These interpretations are not mainstream within Islam and vary depending on specific traditions or scholars.

Connecting with Archangel Uriel Through Prayer

Uriel is among the most crucial entities when it comes to divinity in terms of connection. You don’t have to perform rituals or follow any steps when you want to have a strong connection with him. Archangel Uriel usually comes in handy especially when you want to have emotional stability, be creative, or live a stress-free life.

It’s easy to have a strong connection with him through thunders and storms. You can also use the opportunity to invoke his presence by reciting this simple prayer;

“Using God’s power of divine peace that surpasses all human understanding, please, Archangel Uriel, light up every emotion within me. Allow your light to bring harmony, peace, solutions to the cause of unstable sensitivity and emotions in my life. I voluntarily choose to look into my health emotionally in truth to prevent my emotions from overwhelming, draining, and blocking me. Amen.”

Through prayer and meditation, you can take your spirituality to greater heights and also reveal other secrets in the divine realm. Connect with the archangels to unblock blessings and abundance in your life.


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