Direct your prayers to archangel Haniel to invoke her presence. However, reciting a simple prayer is usually not enough hence will reveal herself to you. Have some time for spiritual enlightenment and meditation and faith too. Mental clarity is also important since you need to focus all your attention on archangel Haniel and forget about everything else.

You will feel different after praying which is a clear indication that archangel Haniel is close to you and probably what you prayed for is already manifesting. You might feel a slight tingle, spikes in the energy around you, or your hands and head will feel warm with a tickle.

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel Prayer

Here is the standard archangel Haniel’s invocation. This prayer is quite basic yet powerful. You only need to follow all the steps mentioned above carefully including preparing yourself mentally and the meditation environment.

Recite the following prayer when you are ready:

Archangel Haniel, joyful and benevolent master,

Reveal yourself to me and encompass me
With your energy that is full of wisdom and love.

(Mention your request here whether you want her to help ease your period pain, develop clairvoyance, or enrich your romantic life. Describe the situation carefully to archangel Haniel).

Thank you, oh archangel Haniel,
For guiding my deeds, behavior, and words.
Thank you for gracing me with happiness and joy
Through your presence and for increasing my consciousness level.

Thank you, powerful and divine archangel Haniel.


Archangel Haniel usually has an uplifting effect when we connect with her. She will help you realize your purpose in life and recharge your strength and spirituality.

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